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Miss Clare Harding

Student Sexual Violence Prevention Project Officer

Student Conduct - Student Services (Academic Registry)



I am alumni of University of Plymouth, graduating in 2018 with a Social Justice prize from the local Police Crime Commissioner, which is why it sometimes feels odd to be back, it wasn't that long ago, but also it feels like a lifetime ago. I am currently leading the SVLO project for the University, which while I was here just 7 years ago would never have been a possibility, its great to be part of such a important recognition and move forward. 

 Me? well I care greatly and deeply for local and worldwide issues, so I fundraise and I attend protests. Where I can, I always try to learn & educate, around the impacts of sexual violence, the hidden harms and the lack of education. I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and proud to be. Friends would say I'm loud, happy and sometimes sarcastic, but always caring. I am a 'runner' dare i say, and currently due to complete the London Marathon in 2023. 


Prior to my role at the University, I have spent a large proportion of my career working in the 3rd sector, namely First Light. The leading Sexual Violence service for Devon & Cornwall and Domestic Abuse lead in Cornwall. My role here was a Team lead for the Independent Sexual Violence Advisors while running a specialist Children & Young Person Non-contact service. This was developing a service working in partnership with Local Authority as a preventative and educational piece. Prior to this, I was an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor for many years, supporting clients going through the Criminal Justice process, while also helping create and run sexual violence awareness training to other 3rd sectors, as well as Higher education, Navy, Police and Mental Health provision. 

Prior to this, I worked for Victim Support, specifically as a Initial response officer for both the Multi-Crime service and the Anti-Social Behaviour project for Plymouth.