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Dr Christopher Ricketts

Peninsula Medical School (NC) (Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (NC))


I took early retirement in July 2010 but have an honorary contract until the end of 2013.

I worked part-time for the Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry as Director of Assessment and as Senior Lecturer in Statistics.


National Teaching Fellow 2008 - details at

In 1986 I joined the then Plymouth Polytechnic (now the University) as a Senior Lecturer in Statistics. I have led the university-wide development of Computer Aided Assessment, which is now used across all Faculties, but especially in our statistics teaching. I share my time with the Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry as Director of Assessment.  I have recently led the university's reviews of its e-learning strategy and of assessment.  I was Sub-Dean (Teaching Enhancement) for the Faculty of Technology until September 2008.

I graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Exeter in 1972.

I then spent 7 years working at the University Hospital of Wales / Welsh National School of Medicine and got my PhD in 1977 for work on the mathematical and statistical modelling of human iron metabolism and its disorders.

I joined British Antarctic Survey in 1979 where I worked on statistical modelling of marine resources, and the ecology of birds and marine mammals, which involved me in two field trips to the Antarctic.

Selected publications

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