Dr Christoforos Mamas

Dr Christoforos Mamas

Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Scholar 
(University of California, San Diego - Plymouth University)

Christoforos joined Plymouth University in December, 2011 as a postdoctoral researcher. He worked as a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies and Education (2013-2015). His main role was teaching across the programme while undertaking research in the fields of early childhood and primary education. He is currently undertaking a three-year Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship researching children's friendships and social interactions within the context inclusive education across three different countries: USA, UK and Cyprus. 


BA (Hons), Education, University of Crete, Greece
MA, Special and Inclusive Education, University of Worcester
MPhil, Educational Research, University of Cambridge
PhD, University of Cambridge

Professional membership

British Educational Research Association (BERA)
European Educational Research Association (EERA)
American Educational Research Association (AERA)
Society for Educational Studies (SES)

Teaching interests

Fellow of The Higher Education Academy - UK

Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies & Education

Christoforos is teaching across a range of modules within the Early Childhood Studies programme.

Research interests

My main research interests are: 
- Early shildhood studies and primary education
- Inclusion, inclusive education and inclusive pedagogy
- Special education
- National and international perspectives around inclusion, disability and equality
- Comparative and interdisciplinary studies
- Transformative research 
- Sociometry, social network analysis and theory
- Mixed methods approaches

Grants & contracts

- Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship (2015-2018)
- Social Science Collaboration with Exeter University award
- Social Inclusion in the Classroom:  Institute of Health and Community Pump-priming funding

Mamas, C., Georgeson, J. and Kaimi, I. (2016) A Mixed-Methods Approach to Researching Friendships and Social Interactions in Mainstream Schools in England and Cyprus, SAGE case studies

Hohmann, U. and Mamas, C.(2015) Research projects in Early Childhood Studies, in R. Parker-Rees and C.Leeson (eds) Early Childhood Studies: An introduction to the study of children’s lives and children’s worlds, 4thedn. Exeter: Learning Matters.

Seale, J., Georgeson, J., Mamas, C. and Swain, J. (2015) Not the right kind of ‘digital capital’? An examination of the complex relationship between disabled students, their technologies and higher education institutions. Computers and Education, 82, pp.118-128.

Mamas, C. (2014) The relationship between intercultural and inclusive education: two sides of the same coin? In: Hadjisoteriou, C. and Xenofontos,K. (eds.) Intercultural Education: challenges, pedagogical considerations and suggestions. Saita Publications, pp.80-95 [in Greek]. Available to download freely at: http://www.poed.com.cy/Portals/0/pdf/ebook%20Intercultural%20Education.pdf

Mamas, C. and Avramidis, E. (2013) Promoting social interaction in the inclusive class: lessons from inclusive schools in England and Cyprus, Learning, Culture and Social Interactionhttp://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2210656113000469

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Mamas, C. (2013) Book Review: Teaching Contested Narratives: Identity, Memory and Reconciliation in Peace Education and Beyond by Zvi Bekerman and Michalinos Zembylas (2012), Cambridge University Press, Journal of Education for Teaching, [Online] DOI: 10.1080/02607476.2012.761453

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Mamas, C. (2007) European Year of Equal Opportunities, Politis, 09 July, p.14, (in Greek), Politis is a nation-wide newspaper in Cyprus.

Mamas, C. (2007) People with Special Needs and the Cyprus Society, Politis, 11 October, p.14, (in Greek), Politis is a nation-wide newspaper in Cyprus.


Twitter: @christoforosm
Personal Website: www.cmamas.com
LinkedIn: http://cy.linkedin.com/pub/christoforos-mamas/11/788/354
Academia: http://plymouth.academia.edu/ChristoforosMamas