Ms Camille Dusseaux

Ms Camille Dusseaux

Teaching and Support Assistant

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (NC) (Faculty of Science and Engineering (NC))


Ph.D. candidate in Structural Geology and Geochemistry

Teaching and Support Assistant in Earth Sciences


2016 - today   Ph.D. in Structural Geology and Geochemistry    University of Plymouth, UK   
                Defense passed on Friday 21st June 2019 

                Thesis: Topographic reconstructions of the Variscan Belt of Western Europe through the study of fossil hydrothermal systems

2015  MSc in Exploration and Reservoirs Geology    University of Montpellier, France

        Thesis: Anatectic liquid distribution within a segment of Archean continental crust (Universities of Montpellier and Jean Monnet-Saint-Etienne, France)
        Internship: Dionisos stratigraphic forward modeling of the Gulf of Guayaquil Basin (University of Lille 1, France)

2013  Course in Earthquake engineering and engineering seismology (7,5 ECTS)  Earthquake Engineering Research Centre, Iceland
        BYG227F Earthquake Engineering 1 

2013  BSc in Geosciences (Earth and Environment)    University of Lille 1, France
        Thesis: Geodynamic, tectonic and gravimetric analysis of the Talara Basin (University of Lille 1, France)
        Internship: Global relationships between coastal uplift and geodynamics (University of Lille 1, France)

Professional membership

European Association of Geochemistry

Teaching interests

I enjoy teaching structural and metamorphic geology, as well as geological mapping and cross-sections during the practicals, but better in the field!

2016-2019  Demonstrating at the University of Plymouth, UK: 120h of practicals and 40h of fieldwork teaching per year.

  • Foundation year

GLY007       Foundation year fieldtrip in Bovisand and Mountbatten (1 day in 2018)

  • Stage 1
GEOL1005    Geological Maps and Structural Geology (30h in 2016 + 36h in 2017 + 32h in 2018 + 28h in 2019)
GEOL1002   Earth Materials (2h + 24h in 2018)
GEOL1006   Introduction to geological mapping and structural geology, North Devon and Cornwall, UK (2 days in 2019)
GEOL1003    Geosystems (4h+2h+12h in 2018)
GEOL1001   The dynamic Earth (6h)
GEOL1004     Palaeontology and Stratigraphy (4h+4h)
  • Stage 2
GEOL2005    Structural and Metamorphic Geology (31h in 2016 + 20h in 2017 + 12h in 2018 + 42h in 2019)
GEOL2002   Structures, Magmas and Volcanoes (22h in 2016 + 12h in 2017 + 18h in 2018)
GEOL2003    Geospatial techniques (20h in 2016 + 34h in 2017 + 12h in 2018)
GEOL2004    Stratigraphy and Earth History (2h+4h)
  • Stage 3

GEOL3003    Geophysics (2h)

Independent mapping projects, South of France (Montagne Noire) (5 days in 2016 and 2017)

2016-2019 Helping in the supervision of undergraduate students at the University of Plymouth, UK

2017 - RICHAUD Romain (BSc thesis - 4 months) - Application of the Ti-in-Ms geothermometer and hydrous silicates stable isotopes from Variscan detachment zones

2016 - WEBSTER Timothy (BSc volunteer internship - 2 months) - Hydrous silicates picking for hydrogen isotope measurements

Research interests

I am currently completing a Ph.D. project at the University of Plymouth, UK

Title: Stable isotope paleoaltimetry of the Variscan Belt of Western Europe

Aim: Quantify the topographic evolution of the Variscan Belt of Western Europe

Objectives: Recover the isotopic composition of ancient rainfall by studying fossil hydrothermal systems in the internal (Armorican Massif and Massif Central) and external (Montagne Noire) zones of the Variscan Belt of Western Europe


· Hydrogen isotope geochemistry            Joint Goethe university/BiK-F, Frankfurt, Germany
· Chemical analysis (microprobe)                         University of Montpellier, France
· Structural and microstructural analysis (including EBSD)          Univ. of Montpellier, France
· Geochronology: - U/Pb (La-ICP-MS) on monazite              University of Portsmouth, UK
                 - Ar/Ar (mineral separation)              University of Rennes 1, France
· Fluid inclusions: structural analysis and microthermometry        University of Lille 1, France

Supervision: Dr Aude Gébelin and Dr Stephen Grimes

External collaborations: P. Boulvais (University of Rennes 1, France), A. Mulch (Joint Goethe University/BiK-F, Germany), M. Dubois (University of Lille, France), V. Gardien (University of Lyon, France), C. Mottram (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Grants & contracts

2019 -  Awarded 260€ to attend the Goldschmidt conference by the Goldschmidt2019 Organising Committee (student helper)

2018 - Awarded 200€ to attend the Réunion des Sciences de la Terre conference by the Société Géologique de France

2018 - Awarded about 15 000€ in collaboration with the University of Rennes 1 for the program NEEDS (Nucléaire, Energie, Environnement, Déchets, Société) for a project entitled "Modélisation numérique des circulations hydrothermales mobilisatrices d'uranium dans les détachements crustaux" by the cellule Energie CNRS

2017 - Awarded £200 to attend the Goldschmidt conference by Plymouth Doctoral Training Centre

2016 - Awarded about £50,000 for a PhD studentship entitled "Stable Isotope paleoaltimetry reconstruction of the Variscan belt of Western Europe" by the Graduate School of the University of Plymouth

Journal papers
Dusséaux C., Gébelin A., Boulvais P., Gardien V., Grimes S., Mulch A. (accepted) Meteoric fluid-rock interaction in Variscan shear zones. Terra Nova. DOI: 10.1111/ter.12392

Vezinet, A., Moyen, J. F., Stevens, G., Laurent, O., Nicoli, G., Chauvet A., Alkmin A. R., Dusséaux, C. (submitted) Tracking the stabilisation of the Archean continental crust: from field investigations to accessory mineral isotopy approaches. Lithos.

Conference presentations

Boulvais P., Branquet Y., Duretz T., Poujol M., Ballouard C., Tartèse R., Cogné N., Ruffet G., Dusséaux C., Gébelin A. (2018) Mobilisation et dépôt d'uranium dans les structures extensives varisques en Bretagne Sud : "set-up" de la modélisation numérique Mon-U (Projet NEEDS), Journées Uranium, Paris, France

Dusséaux C., Gébelin A., Boulvais P., Dubois M., Ruffet G., Poujol M., Branquet Y., Barou F., Mulch A. (2018) Late-Carboniferous infiltration of meteoric water in Variscan shear zones, Réunion des Sciences de la Terre (RST), Lille, France (oral)

Dusséaux C. (2018) Study of hydrothermal systems and its use as a paleoaltimeter. Earth sciences research seminar, Plymouth, UK (oral - 1h)

Dusséaux C., Gébelin A., Boulvais P., Dubois M., Gardien V., Grimes S., Mulch A. (2018) Meteoric fluid-rock interaction in Variscan ductile shear zones. Tectonic and Metamorphic Studies Groups (TSG-MSG) Joint Conference, Fluid flow in the lithosphere, Plymouth, UK (poster)

Dusséaux C., Gébelin A., Boulvais P., Dubois M., Gardien V., Grimes S., Mulch A. (2017) Deep penetration of meteoric water in Variscan ductile shear zones. Goldschmidt abstracts - Crustal differentiation and specialization - Aqueous Fluids in the Crust, Paris, France (oral)

Dusséaux C., Gébelin A., Boulvais P., Gardien V., Mulch A., Grimes S., Dubois M. (2016) How high was the Armorican Massif 300 million years ago? Earth Sciences Research Conference, Plymouth, UK (oral - 1h)

Boulvais, P., Tartèse, R., Poujol, M., Boiron, M.-C., Ruffet, G., Branquet, Y., Gébelin, A., Dusséaux, C. (2016) Exhumation des migmatites et infiltration d'eaux météoriques : le domaine hercynien sud-armoricain. Réunion des Sciences de la terre (RST), Caen, France.

Boulvais, P., Tartèse, R., Poujol, M., Boiron, M.-C., Ruffet, G., Branquet, Y., Gébelin, A., Dusséaux, C. (2016) Fluids in the South Armorican Shear Zone, France. Goldschmidt abstracts - Integrated Fault Zone Investigations - Constraining Timing of Deformation Zones, Yokohama, Japan.

Moyen, J.-F., Harris,   L.B.,  Vézinet, A., Chauvet, A.,  Dusséaux, C., Nicoli, G., Laurent, O.,  Stevens, G. (2016) Anatomy and construction of the northern Kaapvaal Craton. Annual Igneous & Metamorphic Studies Group (IMSG) conference, Windstone, South Africa.

Other academic activities

Conference organisation

2019 - Student helper (welcoming conference attendees) in Barcelona, Spain
Goldschmidt International Conference 2019

2017 - Organiser/fieldtrip guide for the fieldtrip "The South Armorican Shear Zone: exhumation of migmatites, emplacement of syntectonic granites and fluid-rock interaction" in the southern Armorican domain, France
Goldschmidt International Conference 2017

2016 - Organiser of the CRES Research Conference - Showcasing Earth Sciences at Plymouth University, UK
CRES Research Conference 2016

2016 - Fieldtrip guide for the fieldtrip "Geopark stories" in the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark, UK
7th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks

Science popularization

2019 - Chemistry workshop (soil analysis to solve a murder) for local high schools students - Girls into chemistry (GintoCHEM) at the University of Plymouth, UK

2017 - Geology workshop (microfossils and their link to paleoclimate) for French high school students at the University of Plymouth, UK

2016-2017 - Helping during the open days for geology applicants at the University of Plymouth, UK 


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