Dr Camilla Bostock

Dr Camilla Bostock

Associate Lecturer

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Research interests

My research interests lie primarily in modernism, contemporary literature and critical theory, especially deconstruction and ecocriticism; psychoanalysis; nonhuman animals and plants; and creative-critical writing.


  • ‘Garden Grammatology (Extended Metaphor)’, Oxford Literary Review, 40:1 (2018), 38–54.
  • ‘Prehistoric Life Writing: Letters from the Flood’, Mosaic, 50:3 (2017), 159–174.
  • ‘Conversion Tables’, Oxford Literary Review, 37:2 (2015), 243–256.


Book reviews

  • This Thing Called Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing [review], Textual Practice, 29:6 (2015), 1191–1194.
  • ‘Of Necessity, or Thinking the Unknown: Without Mastery: Reading and Other Forces’ [review], parallax, 21:1 (2015), 122–124.

Other Publications

Creative writing

  • 'Word Hoard: a Dictionary of Lost Letters', Woodpeckings: The Dalziel Archive, Victorian Print Culture, and Wood Engravings (2016). Available online.
  • 'Bloom', Quick Fictions (Brighton: Myriad Editions, 2015).
  • 'Dogfish', Quick Fictions (Brighton: Myriad Editions, 2014).