Dr Beth Gompertz

Dr Beth Gompertz

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) ITE Programme Leader

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Deputy Head of the Plymouth Institute of Education

Research interests

My PhD thesis is on Children as Co-Researchers into their own Learning in Science.
I am interested in childrens voice in the research process
I use mixed methods including attitude scales and multi grounded theory

I am also interested in science education - especially in the outdoors

Key publications are highlighted

Passy RA, Georgeson J & Gompertz B 2018 'Building learning partnerships between schools and universities: an example from south-west England' Journal of Education for Teaching 44, (5) , DOI PEARL
Waite S 2017 'Children Learning Outside the Classroom From Birth to Eleven' SAGE
Conference Papers
Gompertz SB 2014 'The Benefits to Children of being a Co-Researcher: Evidence from a PhD Thesis' ECER 2014: The past, present and future of educational research in Europe Porto 02/09/2014 06/09/2014 PEARL