Mrs Beryl Badger

Mrs Beryl Badger

Visiting Specialist

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Programme Manager for Masters in Personnel and Development and Post Graduate Diploma

Lecture on Learning and Development,managing change, strategic HRM and organisational learning.

Research organisational learning


After gaining a degree in Sociology and Psychology became a gradute management consultant trainee for a large consultancy company, went on to specialise in consultancy in the public sector on managing change and organisational and management development.Joined London Transport Executive and headed the massive change from a heavily centralised bureaucracy to decentralised business units.Then decided on a career change and moved to Plymouth as a Lecturer in Business Organisation.

Professional membership

Association of Management Education and Development

Chartered Institue of Personnel and Development

Roles on external bodies

Previous national involvement with CIPD

Teaching interests

Learning and Development

Strategic HRM

Managing Change

Organisational Learning


Research interests

Previous work has centred on the use of organisational learning in stimulating small business development. Current work has moved into organisational learning in the public sector, primarily, but not exclusively, the health sector.Research projects include: using organisational learning in infection control in hospitals, skill mix in GP practices, impact of the working time directive on the training of Junior Doctors, role of Emergency Care Practitioners and inter professional collaboration, multi-disciplinary working, situated learning, issues at work for the over 50s. Work on small businesses from a learning perspective also continues.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Supervised several PhDs to successful completion

Grants & contracts

Burdett Trust grant for Role of Emergency care Practitioners and Inter professional Working

DfES Grants for:

Competitiveness using competencies and Organisational learning

Management Development in the Fish Processing Industry

Website on managemnt development

European Adapt Grant to examine the value of organisational learning to stimultae growth and competitivenes of small businesses.

LSC work on NES scholarships

Publications include:

Chaston,I. Badger,B. Sadler-Smith,E. (1999) Small firm organisational learning: comparing the perception of need and style among UK support service advisors and small firm managers. Journal of European Industrial Training. 23.36-44.

Chaston,I. Badger,B. Sadler-Smith,E. (1999/2000) Organisational learning as a mechanism for assisting innovation in small UK manufacturing firms. International Journal of New Product Development Innovation Management.1 333-345.

Chaston, I. Badger, B. Sadler- Smith, E. (2000) Organisational Learning style and competences: a comparative investigation of relationship and transactionally orientated small UK manufacturing firms. European Journal of Marketing. 34.625-641.

Chaston,I. Badger, B. Sadler-Smith, E. (1999) The organisational learning system within small UK manufacturing firms. International Journal of Training and Development.3.269-278.

C.Branson, B.Badger, F.Dobbs (2003) Patient Satisfaction and skill mix in primary care. Primary Health Care Research and Development.

I. Chaston, B. Badger, T. Mangles and E. Sadler-Smith (2001) Organisational learning style, competencies and learning systems in small UK manufacturing firms. International Journal of Operations and Production Management. Vol21 No11

Reports & invited lectures

Sources of learning in the public sector to Institute of Public Affairs