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Dr Belen Lopez-Perez

Research Fellow in Developmental or Social Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)


2012    Doctor in Social Psychology — Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2012   POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA in Clinical Psychology— Universidad Complutense de Madrid

2010  M.A. in Social Psychology— Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

2008  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology— Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Teaching interests

I have teaching experience in several subjects, some of them would be:

·         Social Psychology

·         Developmental Psychology

·         Research Methods

·         Motivation and Emotion

·         Diagnostic techniques

·         Program Evaluation

Research interests

Emotion regulation – the relationship between social emotions and specific emotion regulation strategies across the lifespan.


Evaluation– development and application of dispositional questionnaires to measure emotional responses for different age groups.


Grants & contracts

2014-2015   Santander Universities Postgraduate Internationalisation Scholarship

Research grant to conduct a study on emotion regulation and empathy with clinical populations (£2500)


2009-2013  FPU Program Spanish Ministry of Education

Predoctoral scholarship (48.000€)


2010   FPU Visiting Grant Spanish Ministry of Education

Scholarship to conduct research at the University of Texas at Tyler (5200€)


2008-2009  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Predoctoral Scholarship (2700€)


2008 Isidoro Delclaux Research Award (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Ambrona, T. & López-Pérez, B. Development and application of an Emotion Education program for children based on cooperative learning strategies (300€)


2007-2008  Social Psychology Department Research Scholarship (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)   

Scholarship to work as research assistant (2500€)


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Book Chapter

Márquez, M., López-Pérez, B. & Fernández-Pinto, I. (2010). Emotion Education in Elderly. In Bermejo, L. (Ed.). Envejecimiento Activo y Acitividades Socioeducativas con personas mayores: Guía de Buenas prácticas (“Active aging and socioeducative activities with the elderly: good practice guide”). Panamericana: Madrid.


Assessment Questionnaire

López-Pérez, B., Fernández-Pinto, I., & Abad García, F.J. (2008). TECA. Cognitive and Affective Empathy Questionnaire.Tea Ediciones, S.A. Madrid.