Mr Bede Davies

Mr Bede Davies

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

I am currently a PhD student assessing the effects to the benthic ecosystem of 12 years of partial marine protection in Lyme Bay, South West UK.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Napper IE, Baroth A, Barrett AC, Bhola S, Chowdhury GW, Davies BFR, Duncan EM, Kumar S, Nelms SE & Hasan Niloy MN 2021 'The abundance and characteristics of microplastics in surface water in the transboundary Ganges River' Environmental Pollution 274, 116348-116348 , DOI
Davies BFR, Attrill MJ, Holmes L, Rees A, Witt MJ & Sheehan EV 2019 'Acoustic Complexity Index to assess benthic biodiversity of a partially protected area in the southwest of the UK' Ecological Indicators 111, , DOI Open access