Miss B Aga

Miss B Aga

Innovation Placement Fellow

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


i-DAT Director of Operations


Birgitte Aga is a digital designer,producers, researcher and technologist who specialises in R&D across data driven and playful experiences. Her research focus is on prototyping intimate data-driven experiences, as augmentations of inner thought, to question the use of predictive algorithms and personal data for human enhancement and commercial gain.

B has co-curated, co-developedand co-produced a range of playful and experimental cultural probes/prototypes,interventions, festivals and exhibitions, such as Sonic Arts Festival, S-OSSocial Operating Systems, Social Hacking, Roy Ascot: Syncretic Sense, Moby DickBig Read, Young Rewired State Festival, Bi-OS Biological Operating Systems,Resurgam, Qualia and Artory.


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