Dr Aude Gébelin

Dr Aude Gébelin

Lecturer in Tectonics

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


Lecturer in Tectonics



University of Plymouth, UK                                          Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, 2015
University of Montpellier, France, Geology                  Ph.D., 2004 
University of Montpellier, France, Geology                  Masters of Science, 1999
University of Montpellier, France, Geology                  Bachelor of Science, 1997


09/2014-present                Lecturer in Tectonics, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
12/2010-08/2014               Researcher, Biodiversität und Klima Forschungszentrum, Frankfurt/Main
06/2010-12/2010               Maternity leave and part time work due to childcare
08/2008-11/2010               Researcher, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover
2007-2008                         Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
2006-2007                         Geologist, Areva NC, Paris, France; deployed to Niger (Areva Niger)
2005-2006                         Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Waterloo, Ontario
2005-2006                         Instructor, University of Waterloo, Ontario
2002-2004                         Teaching Assistant, University of Montpellier II, France
2000-2004                         Graduate Student Intern, French Geological Survey – BRGM
1998-1999                         Student Intern, French Geological Survey – BRGM

Professional membership

American Geophysical Union
European Geoscience Union
Geological Society of America

Mineralogical Society of America
Société Géologique de France 

Teaching interests

My teaching interest is in the broad field of Tectonics, Structural Geology and Metamorphic Geology. 
Observations at scales from tens of kilometers down to a few millimeters and the use of complementary field methods define the core of my teaching. I prioritize the comprehension of geologic phenomena over their systematic description. I also try to introduce the principles of scientific reasoning using real geologic problems and their solution through the use of multiple methods.

I am currently teaching on the following modules:

  • GEOL 1005 Geological Maps and Structural Geology (Module leader)
  • GEOL 2002 Structures, Magmas and Volcanoes
  • GEOL 2003 Geospatial Techniques
  • GEOL 2005 Structural and Metamorphic Geology
    GEOL 3001 Geological Mapping Research Project and Professional Skills
I am also involved in the following fieldtrips, mapping and research projects:
  • Stage 1 - Earth Sciences Field-trip to East Devon and SW England
  • Stage 2 - Mapping training, SE Pyrenees, Spain
  • Stage 2 - Mapping and project training, SW England
  • Stage 3 - Independent mapping/research projects, south of France (Montagne noire)
  • Stage 4 - Research projects, French Massif Central

Research interests

- Large scale deformation of continental lithosphere
- Stable isotope paleoaltimetry and paleoclimate reconstructions
- Reconstruction of meteoric fluid compositions by analysis of oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios of waters in large deformation zones of mountain ranges and in kinematically linked syntectonic basins
- Crustal deformation based on rocks that were exhumed in gneiss domes or in metamorphic core complexes involving the study of the role of fluids in detachments that accommodate orogenic collapse

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Previous students:

- Katharina Methner (Diploma, Leibniz Universität Hannover; PhD, BiK-F, Frankfurt/Main) - "Fluid flow and detachment kinematics of a Cordilleran detachment zone"
- Nathaniel T. Liodas (Master of Science, Southern Illinois University Carbondale) - "Gneiss dome development and transcurrent tectonics in the Archean: example of the Pukaskwa batholith and Hemlo shear zone, Superior Province, Canada"
- Oliver Preuss (Bachelor, Leibniz Universität Hannover) - "Fluid-rock interaction and microstructure development"
- Mareike Rätz (Bachelor, Leibniz Universität Hannover) - "Hydrogen stable isotope constraints on the tectonic evolution of the Buckskin metamorphic core complex, Arizona)"
- Jamie Lott (MGEOL, Plymouth University) - "Spatial and temporal evolution of localized deformation and fluid-rock interaction experienced by lower plate rocks from a segment of the Kalak Nappe Complex in the Scandinavian Caledonides"
- James Courtnadge (MGEOL, Plymouth University) - "Fluid-rock interaction and microstructure development of a Variscan detachment zone"

Currently Supervising

Camille Dusseaux - (PhD student, Plymouth University) - "Stable Isotope palaeoaltimetry reconstruction of the Variscan belt of Western Europe"

Grants & contracts

2009-2011 Leibniz Universität Hannover (Projektförderung für junge Wissenschaftlerinnen), "The topographic and climatic evolution of the western North American Cordillera and its tectonics drivers"

2012-2014 Scientific and Economic Excellence Program of Hesse, Germany (LOEWE)


Gébelin, A. , Jessup, M., Teyssier, C., Cosca, M.A., Law, R.D., Brunel, M., Mulch, A. (in review). Infiltration of meteoric water in the South Tibetan Detachment (Mt Everest, Himalaya): When and Why?, Tectonics.

Gébelin, A., Teyssier, C., Heizler, M., Mulch, A. (2015). Meteoric water circulation in a rolling-hinge detachment system (northern Snake Range core complex, Nevada),  Geological Society of America Bulletin, 127, 149-161, doi: 10.1130/B31063.1.

Methner, K., Mulch, A., Teyssier, C., Wells, M., Gottardi, R., Gébelin, A., Chamberlain, P. (2015). Eocene and Miocene extension, meteoric fluid infiltration and core complex 1 formation in the Great Basin (Raft River Mountains, Utah), Tectonics, 34, 1-14, doi: 10.1002/2014TC003766. 

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Gébelin, A., Mulch,A., Teyssier, C., Jessup, M., Law, R.D., Brunel, M. (2012). Stable isotope

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Reports & invited lectures


2015  Aix en Provence. GDR - CNRS sections 18, 19 - Climat Environnement Vie: les apports du pre-quaternaire.  Utilisation des isotopes stables pour les reconstructions paleoaltimetriques.

2015  Université de Lille. DELAM Project. Meteoric fluids in extensional detachments and syntectonic basins: Tools for palaeoaltimetry?

2014  Plymouth University.  Meteoric fluids: a link between deep Earth and surface processes.

2014 Université Jean Monnet Saint Etienne. Lesfluides météoriques : Lien entre processus de surface et processusprofonds.

2013 UQÀM Montréal. Les fluidesmétéoriques : Lien entre processus de surface et processus profonds.

2013 CRPG Nancy. Séminaire externe. Les fluidesmétéoriques dans les détachements et bassins syntectoniques: Outils pour lapaléoaltimétrie?

2013 CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence. Séminaires internes. Lesfluides météoriques dans les détachements et bassins syntectoniques: Outilspour la paléoaltimétrie?

2013 GET, Toulouse. Séminaires internes. Lesfluides météoriques dans les détachements et bassins syntectoniques: Outilspour la paléoaltimétrie?

2012 Université de Montpellier.Séminaire interne Géosciences Montpellier. Les fluides météoriques :Traceurs des interactions entre processus de surface et profonds.

2011 Goethe Universität Frankfurt. Stable Isotope paleoaltimetry.

2009 Geological Society of America, Portland. Study of afossil hydrothermal system in the Northern Snake Range using stable isotope,microstructural and 40Ar/39Ar data and its use as apaleoaltimeter.