Dr Astrid Fischer

Dr Astrid Fischer

Research Fellow - Analytical Chemistry

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Research Fellow in Analytical Chemistry

I work on the MINIMISE project, a NERC funded project that investigates the current and future impacts of micro-plastics on marine shelf ecosystems around the UK. My role in the project is to synthesize radio-labelled plastic particles to be used in ecotoxicological research. My background is in marine science, in particular the importance of climate change in marine ecosystems. I have investigated the importance of plankton in the marine food chain since 2000.



PhD in chemistry from Delft University of Technology (2009)

MSc in chemistry from University of Amsterdam (1999)

BSc in chemical technology from Hogeschool Rotterdam & Omstreken (1997)

Other training

Health Physics Level 3

Roles on external bodies

NMBAQC technical secretary 2013-2017 



Research interests

Marine plastics, radiochemistry, marine climate change, plankton.

Other research

Renewable energy, carbon footprint



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Stern R, Moore SK, Trainer VL, Bill BD, Fischer A & Batten S (2018) 'Spatial and temporal patterns of Pseudo-nitzschia genetic diversity in the North Pacific Ocean from the Continuous Plankton Recorder survey' Marine Ecology Progress Series 606, 7-28 , DOI Open access
Licandro P, Blackett M, Fischer A, Hosia A, Kennedy J, Kirby RR, Raab K, Stern R & Tranter P (2015) 'Biogeography of jellyfish in the North Atlantic, by traditional and genomic methods' Earth System Science Data 7, (2) 173-191 , DOI
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Fischer AC, Kroon JJ, Verburg TG, Teunissen T & Wolterbeek HT (2007) 'On the relevance of iron adsorption to container materials in small-volume experiments on iron marine chemistry: 55Fe-aided assessment of capacity, affinity and kinetics' Marine Chemistry 107, (4) 533-546 , DOI
FISCHER A, VERBURG T & WOLTERBEEK H (2007) 'Off-line chromatographic assessment of Fe(II) in seawater' Talanta 72, (1) 54-59 , DOI
Fischer AC, Steinebach OM, Timmermans KR & Wolterbeek HT (2006) 'A method for the destruction and analysis of biogenic silicon in two Antarctic diatom species: Thalassiosira sp. and Chaetoceros brevis' Journal of Applied Phycology 19, (1) 71-77 , DOI
Fischer AC, Wolterbeek HT, Kroon JJ, Gerringa LJA, Timmermans KR, van Elteren JT & Teunissen T (2006) 'On the use of iron radio-isotopes to study iron speciation kinetics in seawater: A column separation and off-line counting approach' Science of The Total Environment 362, (1-3) 242-258 , DOI
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Wootton M, Fischer A, Ostle C, Skinner J, Stevens DP & Johns DJ (2017) 'Using the Continuous Plankton Recorder to Study the Distribution and Ecology of Marine Pelagic Copepods' in Uttieri M Trends in Copepod Studies. Distribution, Biology and Ecology Nova Science Publishers, Inc 13-42
Conference Papers
Lewis-Brown E, Reid PC, Andersson A, Arthurton R, Bates N, Barange M, Bathmann U, Beaugrand G, Berger W & Bindoff N (2008) 'The Impacts of the Oceans on Climate Change' 2008 2nd Electronics Systemintegration Technology Conference 9-/-0/20089-/-0/2008IEEE , DOI


Conferences organised

NMBAQC zooplankton trial ringtest 2015

NMBAQC zooplankton ringtest 2016/2017

Introduction to marine phytoplankton identification and taxonomy workshop 2017