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Dr Angus Inkster

Visiting Researcher

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Seabrooke T, Mitchell C, Wills A, Inkster A & Hollins T (2021) 'The Benefits of Impossible Tests: Assessing the Role of Error-Correction in the Pretesting Effect' Memory and Cognition , DOI Open access
Wills AJ, O'Connell G, Edmunds CER & Inkster AB (2017) 'Progress in modeling through distributed collaboration: Concepts, tools, and category-learning examples' Psychology of Learning and Motivation , DOI Open access
Wills AJ, Inkster AB & Milton F (2015) 'Combination or Differentiation? Two theories of processing order in classification' Cognitive Psychology 80, 1-33 , DOI Open access
Maes E, De Filippo G, Inkster AB, Lea SEG, De Houwer J, D’Hooge R, Beckers T & Wills AJ (2015) 'Feature- versus rule-based generalization in rats, pigeons and humans' Animal Cognition 18, (6) 1267-1284 , DOI Open access