Professor Angelo Cangelosi

Professor Angelo Cangelosi

Professor in Artificial Intelligence And Cognition

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


  • Director, "CRNS: Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems" (CRNS website)
  • Leader of Research Group "Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition"
  • School Coordinator for RAE2008 and REF2014 submissions. 
  • Module leader for teaching of ""Computation Theory and Artificial Intelligence", "Applied Artificial Intelligence","Computational Intelligence"
  • Coordinator/PI of H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie EID European Industrial Doctorate  "APRIL: Applications of Personal Robotics for Interaction and Learning"  (2016-2019) 
  • Coordinator/PI of UK EPSRC-BBSRC Project "BABEL: Bio-inspired Architecture for Brain Embodied Language" (BABEL project 2012-2016) 
  • PI of US AFSOR-EOARD Project "THRIVE: Trust in Human-Robot Interaction via Embodiment" (2014-2018) 
  • PI for EU H2020 ETN projects DCOMM, SECURE
  • PI/Coordinator for past project: EPSRC VALUE, EOARD Distributed Control
  • Visiting Professo, Messina University (October-November 2015)

For more details on my research, visit my HOMEPAGE


Laurea in Experimental Psychology, University of Rome La Sapienza (1991)

PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Genoa (1997)

Professional membership

Fellow, British Computer Society

Senior Member, IEEE
Member, UK Computing Research Committee
Member, BARA-AFRAcademic Forum Robotics, BritishAutomation and Robotics Association
Chair, IEE CIS Technical Committee on Autonomous Mental Development (2012-13)

Roles on external bodies


  • 2015-    Editor-in-Chief, “IEEE Transactions in Autonomous Mental Development” (IEEE Press)
  • 2008-    Editor-in-Chief, “Interaction Studies” (John Benjamin Publishing)
  • 2014-    Associate Editor, “IEEE ComputationalIntelligence Magazine” (IEEE Press)
  • 2012-13 Associate Editor, “Topics in Cognitive Science” (Cognitive Science Society Publishing)
  • 2011-14 Associate Editor, “IEEE Transactions in Autonomous Mental Development” (IEEE Press)
  • 2011-    Associate Editor, “International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems” (IGI Global)
  • 2010-    Associate Editor, “Cognitive Systems Research” (Elsevier)
  • 2007-    Associate Editor, “Connection Science” (Taylor & Francis)
  • 2007-    Associate Editor, “Frontiers in Neurorobotics” (Frontiers in Neuroscience Foundation)
  • 2006-    Editorial Board Member, “Journal of Neurolinguistics” (Elsevier)
  • 2006-    Editorial Consultant Member, “InternationalJournal of Advanced Robotic Systems”
  • 2003-07    Editorial Board Member, “Interaction Studies” (John Benjamin Publishing)
  • 2006-07   Editorial Board Member, “Connection Science” (Taylor & Francis)
  • 2006     Guest Editor, “Mind and Society” (Springer) – special issue
  • 2005     Guest Editor, “Connection Science” (Taylor & Francis) – specialissue

Teaching interests

artificial intelligence, cognitive robotics, cognitive science, artificial life, psycholinguistics, human computer interaction

  • Modules leader, AINT352 "Computational Intelligence"
  • Modules leader, AINT251, "Computation Theory and Artificial Intelligence"
  • Modules leader, AINT252 "Applied Artificial Intelligence"
  • Additional teaching for AINT101PP "Intelligent Systems" 

Research interests

Cognitive robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive science,Artificial Life, Adaptive Behaviour, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Language Evolution, Symbol Grounding, Psycholinguistics, Categorization, Computational Neuroscience, Model of neural development

For more details on my research, visit my HOMEPAGE

Other research

Grants & contracts

  • E U H2020Marie Skłodowska-Curie EID European Industrial Doctorate€1,345,614 (€819,863  to PlymouthUniversity)   “APRIL: Applications ofPersonal Robotics for Interaction and Learning”. A. Cangelosi asCoordinator/PI. With T Belpaeme and T Dahl (co-I) and N Hemion and R Gelin asPI of the industrial partner Aldebaran Robotics. Includes 6 associateacademic/industry partners (Asada at Osaka U., Dario at SSSA Pisa, Hafner atHumboldt U., Sanna at San Raffaele Hospital, Bleis at Metralab GmbH, Sprangerat SONY Japan)
  • EU H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie ETN , €546,573 “DCOMM:Deictic Communication”. A. Cangelosi PI. With K Coventry (U. East Anglia) asETN coordinator, and 8 other partners  (2016-19)   
  • EU H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie ETN€546,573  “SECURE: Safety Enables Cooperation in Uncertain Robotic Environments”. A. Cangelosi PI. With S Wermter (Hamburg) as ETN coordinator, G Metta (IIT), K Dautenhahn (Hertfordshire), B Graf (Fraunhofer IPA), F Becchi (Telerobotlabs). ( 2015-18)
  • US Air Force Office of Science and Research, European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AFSOR-EOARD)$555,000 . “THRIVE: Trust in Human-Robot Interaction Via Embodiment” (Principal Investigator). A Cangelosi PI. ( 2014-18)
  • EU FP7 Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship€231,283 “DeCoRo: Developmental Context-driven Robot learning”. A. Cangelosi PI, Martin Stoelen as Fellow. ( 2014-16)
  • EU FP7 Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship , €221,606 “ORATOR:Integrating Object Recognition and ActiOn for action sentence production and comprehensionin a developmental humanoid Robot”. A. Cangelosi PI, C. Floccia and A. CattaniCo-Is, Beata Grzyb as Fellow  (2013-2015) 
  • EU FP7 Marie Curie Innovative Doctoral Program , €4,077,315 COGNOVO: Cognitive Innovation”. A. Cangelosi Co-I (PI S. Denham, Co-I T Belpaeme, RBorisyuk, T Wennekers etc.)    (2013-2017) 
  • UK EPSRC-BBSRC , £1,671,050 ( £1,202.384 at Plymouth) “ BABEL: Bio-inspired Architecture for BrainEmbodied Language”. A. Cangelosi PI and project coordinator, T. Wennekers andS. Denam co-I, S. Furber (Manchester), F. Pulvermuller (MRC Cambridge and FreeUniversity Berlin). With ARM, HONDA HRI and TMSUK Japan as industrial advisors.   (2012-2016) 
  • EU FP7 – EU FP7 – ICT Cognitive Systems & Robotics , €777,410 at Plymouth (€3,880,000 whole project) “POETICON++: Robots need Language“. A.Cangelosi PI, K. Pastra (CSRI Greece, Project Coordinator), Y. Aloimonos (U.Maryland., USA), L. Fadiga and G. Metta (IIT, Italy), J. Santos-Victor  (IST, Portugal).  (2012-2016) 
  • EU FP7 – ICT Challenge 5 Wellbeing , €857,960at Plymouth (€6,200,000 whole project) “ROBOT-ERA: Advanced Robotic systems and intelligent environments for the ageing population”. A. Cangelosi PI, T.Belpaeme co-I, P. Dario (SSSA Italy, Project Coordinator), A. Saffiotti (OrebroU., Sweden), Zhang (Hamburg U., Germany), 4 industrial partners (Italy,Germany), three user partners (Italy, Sweden).  (2012-2016) 
  • EU FP7 – ICT Cognitive Systems & Robotics , €8,400,000(€1,376,860 at Plymouth) IntegratingProject “ALIZ-E: Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Long-Term SocialInteraction”. Co-investigator (T. Belpame PI). With DFKI Germany, VrijeUniversiteit Brussel, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientic Research, ImperialCollege, University of Hertfordshire, San Raffaele Hospital Milan, CNR Padoa, Gostai,France. (2010-2014)
  • EU FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network , €3,300,000 (€800,000 at Plymouth) “ROBOT-DOC: Robotics for Development of Cognition). A. Cangelosi PI-Coordinator, R. Pfeifer(Zurich), C. von Hofsten (Uppsala), G. Sagerer, (Bielefeld), T. Ziemke(Skovde), G. Metta (IIT Genoa), S. Wermter (Sunderland), F. Becchi (Telerobot).Associate Partners: B. Scassellati (Yale USA), J. Tani (RIKEN), C. Goerick(HONDA), P. Robinson (BARA British Robot and Automation Association)  (2009-2014) 
  • EU FP7 – ICT Cognitive Systems Interaction Robotics , €6,250,000(€1,655,000 at Plymouth) Integrating Project “ITALK: Integration and Transfer of Action and Language Knowledge inRobots”. A. Cangelosi, project coordinator, T. Belpaeme (Plymouth), C. Nehaniv & K.Dautenhahn (Hertfordshire), S. Nolfi (CNR Rome), G. Metta & G. Sandini (IITGenoa), G. Sagerer, B. Wrede & K. Rohlfing (Bielefeld), K. Fischer (Univ.Southern Denmark), D. Roy (MIT), J. Tani (RIKEN).  (2008-2012) 
  • 2008-11   RCUK Cognitive Systems Foresight, £809,132 (£507,722 at Plymouth) “VALUE: Vision, Action, and Language Unifiedby Embodiment". PI-Coordinator (with R. Ellis, Psychology Plymouth, and M.Fisher, Dundee). Funding from EPSRC, ESRC and BBSRC.
  • (2007-2010) USAir Force Labs, European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD), US$150,000, “Communication and Distributed Control in Multi-Agent Systems”. (PrincipalInvestigator). EOARD project on Distributed Control for Search and Rescue in MAVs
  • (2007) euCognition Action Network , 21,300.Five grants for students/staff exchange visits (PrincipalInvestigator)
  • (2006) US Air Force Lab, European Office of AerospaceResearch and Development (EOARD) , $9,431, Two Travel grants for Fusion2006and KIMAS2007 Conferences (PrincipalInvestigator)
  • (2005-2006)  USAir Force Labs, European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD), US$45,559, “Integrating language andcognition in autonomous systems”. (PrincipalInvestigator) EOARD project on Language-Cognition Integration
  • (2005)  US Air Force Labs, European Office ofAerospace Research and Development (EOARD), US$2643, Travel grant for KIMAS conference
  • (2005) Foundation Rosselli (Turin) and ItalianSociety for Cognitive Science, €1750, Support for organisation of 6thInternational Conference on Language Evolution (Principal Investigator)
  • (2004)  BBSRC, EPSRC & British Academy, £11,240, Support for 9th Neural Computation and Psychology Conference (Principal Investigator, with G. Bugmann, R. Borisyuk)
  • (2004-06)  DTI Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, £100,000, Liquid Cargo Management Limited. (with P. Robinson, G. Bugmann) (grant awarded but not initiated)
  • (2003-04)  UK EPSRC Research Grant, GBP £141,752"Computational modelling of quantifiers: The relative Influence ofscalar and contextual factors (with K. Coventry and S. Newstead) Quantifier Homepage
  • (2001-03)  UK EPSRC Research Grant, £152,606 A psychologically plausible model for the acquisition of spatial terms (with K. Coventry) Spatial Language Homepage
  • (2000-03)  UK EPSRC Research Grant, £47,417 Multi-agent systems for modelling language evolution Language Evolution Homepage
  • (2000-01)  Wellcome Trust SciArt Grant, £10,000 STI: Search for Terrestrial Intelligence (with M. Phillips et al.)
  • (1997-00)  Nuffield Foundation, Award for Newly Appointed Lecturers, £3,000 Language evolution modeling

Research groups

  • Computer Science and Informatics

Key publications are highlighted

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