Dr Andrew Fox

Dr Andrew Fox

Lecturer in Civil Engineering (Education)

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD in Human Geography
PGCert in Teaching and Learning for HE
Chartered Engineer, CEng
MEng in Civil Engineering
Recent positions held 
Mar 16 - current, External Examiner

External Examiner for BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering at Bolton campus and Ras Al Khaiman campus in UAE

Oct 14 - current, Trustee
Member of the board of trustees

JAN 13 - current, External Examiner/Chief External Examiner
External Examiner for BEng & MEng in Civil Engineering and Chief External Examiner (2015-16) for Faculty of Engineering & Computing

Aug 07 - current, Lecturer
Currently Programme Manager for BSc programmes in Civil and Coastal Engineering. Previously, Admission Tutor for Civil and Coastal Engineering Undergraduate and Postrgrduate Programmes. Teaching roles include: Construction Management, Construction Law, International Engineering Business Management, Project Management, Interdisciplinary design. PhD in Community Resileince to Flood Risk. PhD Supervision - TQM in LIbyan Construction Projects, Contract Management in Saudi Arabian Construction Sector, Post-Earthquake Management and Structural Assessment in Iran, Motivaton of Academics in Engineering Departments of Indian HE Institutions

Sep 01 – Aug 07 Senior Lecturer
Admissions tutor for Civil Engineering and Disaster Management programmes, teaching Undergraduate, Certificate, Diploma and MSc level modules in Engineering and Disaster management. Member of School International Committee. Leading Subject Group Projects in Kenya,

Jun 00 – Sept 01 Director
Managing company, project tendering, customer relations, sales and marketing for projects in Turkey. Acting as Turkey based agent for UK Steel Fabrication Companies and an Australian modular housing company.

Oct 99 – May 00 Programme Director
Developing project proposals, fund-raising, report writing, financial management, programme coordination for Post-Earthquake emergency relief programme. Responsibility for spearheading consortium of six international charity organisations and managing donor relations in Turkey, EU, Scotland, England, USA, Canada, Ireland and Germany .

Apr 98–Sept 99 Deputy Country Manager/Project Engineer
Contract management, financial auditing, programme development, dispute resolution, report writing, design supervision and development planning for Emergency Reconstruction Programme following Volcanic eruptions. Managing International projects involving – Montserrat, Antigua, Puerto Rico, USA, UK & Australia

Oct 96–Feb 98 Acting Divisional Director/Project Manager
Departmental management, budget planning, project appraisal, project design, tender management, contract management, Inter-Governmental loans negotiation, Chair of Technical Advisory committee on the Construction Industry within the Ministry for Community Development, Housing Project Management department.

Professional membership

Professional Memberships

Research interests

Theme areas
Construction Management
Disaster Management
Flood risk management
Philosophy of Engineering

Through my teaching and professional links I am actively researching international engineering management systems. The most recent studies with which I have been involved focussed on developing a better understanding of contracts, disaster and personnel management in engineering education and practice, learning lessons from the UK, Middle East and India. 

I also have a strong interest in disaster management, having been heavily engaged in the subject area since the late 1990s. My particular focus has been in developing a better understanding of the theory and practice of post-disaster reconstruction. To that end, I joined the i-Rec research network in 2002 and the international disaster relief charity, RedR in 1999. My PhD also had a disaster management focus, exploring ways in which social capital could be used to improve the resilience of communities to flood risk.

Underpinning all of my research interests is a passion to explore and understand the engineering profession to which I have committed my working career. As such, in 2005 and 2006, I managed an discussion forum that was hosted by the Institution of Civil Engineers which sought to spark a discussion on the Philosophy of Engineering. The discussions were successful in prompting a series of seminars hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering and two international conferences. I am pleased to be part of this youthful but growing body of inspired individuals and I look forward to further developments in this field with great interest.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD - 1 (Sherif 2010)
MSc (Research) - 5 Completions
MSc (Taught) - 19 Completions
MBA - 1 Completion
MEng - 13 Completion

Grants & contracts

Project Leader, South West Water, Sewers and Sewer Design, 4 Day CPD training course, Jun-Oct 2015, £30K

Project Leader, South West Water, Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry, 2 Day CPD training course, Jan-Apr 2015, £10K

Co-investigator, EU-FP7: Innovative coastal technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate (THESEUS), 1/12/2009 – 30/11/2012, €386k (Project Total: €6.53m)

Principal Investigator, RAEng: Enhancing the opportunities derived from large cohorts of engineering students, Ref: FPo16 MAR2011, April 2011-March 2012, £10k

Co-investigator, EAP: A practical methodology for globalising the engineering curriculum through teaching interdisciplinary design, June 2010-Sept 2010, £3k

Key publications are highlighted

Alencastro J, Fuertes Casals A, Fox A & De Wilde P 2019 'The impact of defects on energy performance of buildings: Quality management in social housing developments' Energy Procedia , DOI PEARL
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Fox AP 2008 'Issues in flood risk management' in Baban SMJ Enduring geohazards in the Caribbean Univ of West Indies Pr 192-205
Conference Papers
Razaghi-Kashani N, Fox AP & Easterbrook D 2016 'Post-earthquake disaster management and structural assessment' 6th International Disaster and risk Conference IDRC Davos, Switzerland 28/08/2016 01/09/2016 Davos Global Risk forum (GRF) 321-324 Publisher Site
Bakthavatchaalam VP, Miles M, Fox A & Gingele J 2015 'Shifting the threshold of motivation theory to overcome local disquietudes in Coimbatore, India' V.C.’s conference, Plymouth University, UK Plymouth, United Kingdom 01/01/2015 01/01/2015
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Alexander D, Hodgson R, Homan J, Harvey M, Wright J, Calla OPN, Broadbent M, Broadbent S, Enginoz EB & Dikmen N 2004 'Proceedings for the 2nd International Conference on Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Planning for Reconstruction' Fox A Coventry University Press Coventry University of Coventry
Other Publications
Fox AP 0 Communities, institutions and flood risk; mobilising social capital to enhance community resilience. 0 0

Other academic activities

Areas of Expertise
Project Management
Contract Management
Disaster Management
Philosophy of Engineering
Global Engineering

Professional Activities
Journal referee - Civil Engineering, 1 paper
Journal referee - Disasters, 4 papers
Journal referee – APETT Journal, 1 paper
Coordinator – Engineering and Philosophy E-Forum, Oct 2005 – Sept 2006