Professor Andrew Chadwick

Professor Andrew Chadwick

Honorary Professor

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)




BSc II(i) Hons in Engineering Science, 1974

MSc Water Resources (Hydraulics, Hydrology, Public Health), 1978

PhD "Nearshore Waves and Longshore Shingle Transport", 1990

Professional membership


Roles on external bodies

1986 to date Co-author Hydraulics in Civil & Environmental Engineering 1986 to date Academic referee to George Allen & Unwin, Unwin Hyman, Harper Collins, Chapman & Hall, E & F N Spon 1991 to 1993 Committee member IWEM South Eastern Branch 1992 to date Academic referee for SERC, EPSRC, NERC, Leverhulme Trust , Journal of Water, Maritime and Energy, Coastal Engineering, Journal of Hydraulic Research, Journal of Geophysical Research, Maritime Engineering, Ocean Engineering 1993 Academic member of the validation panel for BEng (Hons) Environmental Engineering and Management, University of Coventry 1994 National Facilitator for EPSRC coastal engineering managed programme Coastal Structures Theme 2 Beach control structures 1995-1997 Local Co-organiser and member of the International Paper Review Panel for Coastal Dynamics '97. Plymouth, England 1999 External examiner for PhD, University of Liverpool 1999 Invited speaker for the ICE Maritime Group (April 1999) 1999 Invited lead speaker, Water Specialists Meeting (Bristol Sept1999) 2000- Member, EPSRC peer review college 2000- External examiner for Civil Engineering degrees, University of Glamorgan 2001 External examiner for PhD, Southampton 2001- External examiner for MRes in Coastal Engineering for Climate Change, Southampton University 2001 Invited chairman, EPSRC/MAFF/EA Coastal Engineering and Processes Workshop (London, Feb 2001) 2001 Session chairman for Coastal Dynamics 01, Lund, Sweden 2001 Invited reviewer for International Conference on Coastal Engineering 2002 2002 Session Chairman for International Conference on Coastal Engineering 2002 Cardiff, Wales 2002-3 Member, editorial panel , Water & Maritime Engineering 2002 Speaker, EPSRC Panel meeting 2003 Chairman, EPSRC Panel meeting 2003-2008 Member, editorial panel, Maritime Engineering 2003 External examiner for PhD, Nottingham University 2003 External examiner for PhD, Imperial College 2005- 2009 Member, Reservoir Advisory Panel, Thames Water 2005 Chairman, EPSRC Panel meeting 2006 Keynote Speaker at the Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers conference, Southampton University, 19th/20th April 2006. Presentation : Stability of the Slapton Barrier Beach System. 2007 External examiner for PhD, University of the West Indies 2007 Visiting professor, University of Teknologi Malaysia 2007 Keynote Speaker NCK International Symposium 2007 Ijmuiden, Netherlands. Presentation : A Strategy for long term coastal development. A UK perspective and ENCORA activities. 2008-9 Visiting professor, University of the West Indies 2010- Member, editorial panel, Maritime Engineering 2011 Member, technical committee, ICE conference: Coastal Management 2011



Teaching interests

Hydraulics, River & Coastal Engineering for BEng, MEng and MSc (Civil Engineering, Civil and Coastal Engineering, Coastal Engineering)

Staff serving as external examiners

PhD Examiner:

1993 J Borges, Brighton

1998 J Rogers, Liverpool

1999 M Walkden, Plymouth

2001 H Mulvaney, Southampton

2003 B Blanco, Imperial College

2003 S Akram, Nottingham

2007 D A Villarroel-Lamb, University of the West Indies

MRes Examiner:

2001 Lawn, Southampton

2001 Pratt, Southampton

2003 Swift, Southampton

2003 Orsini, Southampton

2003 Foley, Southampton

2004 Bell, Southampton

2005 Brown, Southampton
2005 Antoniou, Southampton
2006 Farquarson, Southampton
2006 Thompson, Southampton
2006 Collins, Southampton

External examiner for Civil Engineering degrees, University of Glamorgan 2001-2005

External examiner
for MRes in Coastal Engineering for Climate Change, Southampton University 2001-2006



Research interests

Andrew Chadwick is currently Visiting Professor of Coastal engineering at the University of Plymouth. He was formerly Professor of Coastal Engineering at the University of the West Indies during the period 2009-11 and Professor of Coastal Engineering and Associate Director of the Marine Institute (ADMI) at the University of Plymouth between 2002 & 2009. In his role as ADMI, he had general responsibility for innovation and the oversight of research directed towards the emerging marine renewables technologies. He has a substantive publication record, including books, refereed journal papers and international conference papers. His research grants total circa £2 million, comprising funding from SERC/EPSRC, MAFF/DEFRA and the EU. Since 1986, his research work has centred on nearshore wave measurements, coastal sediment transport, hydrodynamic and morphodynamic numerical modelling. The emphasis of much of this work has been in evaluating and validating theory and models against field and laboratory data and in identifying key processes to be modelled. He has particular experience of research on the use of coastal hydrodynamic and morphodynamic models, field and physical scaled model measurements, detached breakwaters, coarse grained and mixed beaches and studying barrier beach systems. He led the research team studying large scale physical modelling of detached breakwater schemes in the UK Coastal Research Facility (basin 34m by 20m). He was a member of the steering group for the EU funded experiment that produced near full-scale measurements of coarse and mixed sediment beach profile response in the 300m long, 7m deep, 5m wide GWK flume in Hannover. In 2002-2004 he led a research team investigating coastal processes for the Slapton Barrier Beach System, a major UK barrier beach system. From 2006 to 2009 he led the UK contribution to the European Network for Coastal Research Co-ordination Action (ENCORA) and was the ENCORA themes co-ordinator. He worked in the Caribbean between 2008 & 2011 establishing coastal management tools and investigating engineering adaptation options to climate change and the causes of seasonal sea level variations around Trinidad. He has been a member of the editorial Panel for Maritime Engineering, the review board for the Journal of Hydraulic Research, and the EPSRC Peer Review College.

Other research



1982 to date Acted as a consultant to:

Brighton Borough Council

Lewis and Duvivier (Consulting Engineers)

Trevor Crocker & Partners (Consulting Engineers)

Robert West & Partners (Consulting Engineers)

PPI Company of Designers (Consulting Engineers)

Littlehampton Civic Society

Council for the Protection of Rural England

Posford Burns (Consulting Engineers)

NRA Southern Region

Sir William Halcrow & Partners

Hyder Consulting

Torbay Council

Marcus Hodges Environment Limited

John Knevitt Practice

Scott Wilson and the Slapton Line Partnership

National Trust

Projects have included coastal erosion, flooding and protection, nearshore wave measurements, river engineering, storm water drainage design, hydraulic physical modelling, coastal and river numerical modelling.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

1984-1986 A Harrington, MPhil thesis on coastal sediment transport

1988-1990 S Ratledge, MPhil thesis concerning introduction of CAD/CADD to a Civil Engineering Consultancy

1990-1993 J Borges, PhD thesis concerning shoreline waves and beach stability

1990-1992 J Day, C Kenyon, Teaching Company Associates - GIS and coastal zone management

1993-1999 S Ilic, PhD thesis concerning directional analysis of waves and field validation of numerical models of wave hydrodynamics

1994-1999 P Axe, PhD thesis concerning shingle beach morphology

1994-1998 F Ozanne, PhD thesis concerning Boussinesq wave models

1996-1999 E Van Wellen, PhD thesis concerning coastal sediment transport on coarse grained beaches

2001-2005 A Acuna. PhD thesis concerning morphodynamic modelling of coarse grained beaches

1998-2005 D Hames. PhD thesis concerning application of joint probability theory to waves/water levels (part time)

1998-2005 J Lawrence. PhD thesis concerning morphodynamic modelling using Boussinesq models (part time)

2003-2006 B Wang PhD thesis concerning wave/current/structure interactions

Grants & contracts


CIRIA Effectiveness of Groynes Project



Brighton Borough, Rother District Council, Havant Borough, Southern Water Sussex and Kent Divisions, Field measurements and analysis of nearshore waves and sediment transport.



SERC Teaching Company Scheme with Trevor Crocker and Partners. Introduction of CAD/CADD



SERC Teaching Company Scheme with Babtie Dobbie Ltd. Development of GIS for coastal zone management.



SERC. The role of offshore breakwaters in coastal defence. A field measurement and computational model study.



SCOPAC and Arun District Council. The role of offshore breakwaters in coastal defence. A field measurement and computational model study.



UoP. Surf zone numerical modelling



EPSRC MSc Module Coastal Engineering & Shoreline Management



EPSRC Analytical and field studies of wave transformation and attenuation processes around rock island breakwaters



EPSRC A study of offshore breakwaters using the CRF and the Elmer field data



MAFF Shingle Beach Field Research Project



EU MAST III COAST3D, Coastal study of 3D sand transport processes and morphodynamics

(shared with IMS)


EPSRC Numerical modelling and field validation of the cross-shore profile development of coarse grained beaches



EU TMR. Use of GKW Flume Hanover. Large scale modelling of coarse grained beaches.

Travel +


EPSRC Beach Processes Network (one of three linked NETWORKS)



EPSRC Academic Fellowship



EPSRC, A Risk-based Framework for Predicting Long-term Beach Evolution (RF-PeBLE)



EU, FP6, Network of Excellence, European Network for Coastal Research Co-ordination Action (ENCORA)

€ 254,000



Conferences organised

Coastal Dynamics 97, Plymouth UK