Mrs Ali Shorer

Mrs Ali Shorer

Lecturer in Education (Primary Language and Literacy)

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


I have worked at Plymouth University since 2009 as a Lecturer in Education (Language and Literacy). I currently teach a number of modules across the BEd, PGCE and BA programme. These include English, Philosophy for Children, and Education Studies. I am also a professional tutor for BEd students and a visiting tutor for their school experience.


University of Exeter, MEd in Literacy and Leadership (2009)

University of Plymouth, PGCE QTS specialising in Early Years (1999)

University of Hertfordshire, BA (Hons) Philosophy (1998)

Primary School Teacher (1998 - present)

Professional membership

United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) member 2009 - present

National Association of the Teaching of English (NATE) 2017 - present

Roles on external bodies

National Association of the Teaching of English (NATE) South West Rep (2016 - 2019)

Founder and Director of Articulacy (2012 - present)

Founder and Director of TalkTastic (2018 - present)

Book proposal reviewer for Routledge :-

Reviewed "Philosophy for older children: A Practical Guide" by Gaut and Gaut

Reviewed "Leading English in the Primary School" by Lisa Baldwin

Book Testimonial for "One More Life Chance" by Mark Escot

Teaching interests

Teaching Experience - University of Plymouth

BEd (Hons) Primary Professional Tutor (2009 - present)

BEd (Hons) Primary English - Independent Study Project / Dissertation tutor (2012 -2014)

BEd (Hons) Primary English - Subject Leadership Module Leader (2013 - present)

BEd (Hons) Primary English - Core English Module (All stages - level 4, 5, 6) (2009 - present)

PGCE Primary and Early Years - English Tutor (2016)

PGCE Primary- English tutor (2012 - present)

BA (Hons) Education - Childhood, Philosophy and Education - Module Leader (2018 - 2019)

BA (Hons) Education / BA (Hons) ECS - Philosophy into Practice - Module Leader (2014 - 2019)

Research interests

Oracy and education

Children's Literature

Philosophy for Children

Oracy Policy

Reports & invited lectures

UCET, National Literacy - Teaching trainee teachers how to teach phonics 18/03/2012

Other academic activities

Oracy Network Group (2019 - present)

Additional information

Founder and Director, Articulacy (2012 - present)

Founder and Director, TalkTastic CIC (2018 - present)