Dr Agostino Patella

Dr Agostino Patella

Lecturer in Mathematics

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Lecturer in Mathematics, School of Computing and Mathematics


  • (2013-present) Junior scientific staff, Theory Group, Physics Department, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. cern.ch
  • (2010-2013) Research fellow, Theory Group, Physics Department, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. cern.ch
  • (2008-2010) Postdoc senior research assistant, Physics Department, Swansea University, UK. www.swan.ac.uk/physics
  • (2008)  Perfezionamento (PhD) cum laude in Physics. Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy. sns.it
    I specialised in Theoretical High-Energy Physics, and in particular strongly-coupled gauge theories and lattice gauge theories.
  • (2004) Laurea specialistica (Master degree) cum laude in Theoretical Physics. University of Pisa, Italy. df.unipi.it
    Modules included:
    • Theories of gravitation (P. Menotti),
    • Standard Model and beyond (R. Barbieri),
    • Introduction to string theory (A. Sagnotti),
    • Introduction to cosmology (S. Matarrese, C. Porciani, A. Riotto),
    • Quantum information (R. Fazio),
    • Theoretical physics (A. Di Giacomo),
    • Quantum field theory (E. Guadagnini),
    • Experimental physics of elementary particles (I. Mannelli, L. Foà),
    • Phase transitions and critical phenomena (C. Giannessi),
    • Gravitational waves (F. Fidecaro).
  • (2004) Diploma in Physics cum laude for the undergraduate studies. Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy. sns.it
    Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) is an educational and academic institution. Its undergraduate course is parallel to the one of the University of Pisa. Admission to SNS is gained by exams, and the students must take two extra exams per year.
  • (2002) Laurea di primo livello (Degree) cum laude in Physics. University of Pisa, Italy.  df.unipi.it

Professional membership

I am a member of the Particle Physics Group at Plymouth University. www.tech.plym.ac.uk/Research/applied_mathematics/ppp.html

I am also a member of the UKQCD consortium. ukqcd.epcc.ed.ac.uk

Teaching interests

I am teaching the MATH1402 (Matrices, vectors and complex number) module. This is a first-year core module of Mathematics. On-line resources (including lecture notes and exercises) can be found on tulip.plymouth.ac.uk/Module/MATH1402

I am also an academic tutor for the MATH1405 (Calculus) and MAST1401 (Euclidean geometry, graph theory and group theory).

I am the personal tutor of 14 Mathematics students.

Research interests

  • Strongly-coupled gauge theories

  • Theoretical aspects of lattice gauge theories

  • Lattice simulations

  • Conformal gauge theories

  • Conformal/walking technicolor models for electroweak symmetry breaking

  • Large-N limits of gauge theories

  • Orientifold planar equivalence, volume reduction, and other large-N equivalences

  • High performance computing 

Grants & contracts

  • PRACE 4th Regular Call . Co-investigator. 22M core-hours awarded on the supercomputer FERMI (IBM BlueGene/Q) at CINECA (Italy) for the project Strong interactions beyond QCD. http://www. prace-project.eu/PRACE-4th-Regular-Call
  • International Travel Grant - 2010/R1 Conference Participa-tion, Royal Society (UK). Individual grant. GBP 1100 awarded to participate to the conference Lattice 2010. 
  • Borsa di studio e ricerca 2007-2008, Fondazione Angelo della Riccia (Italy). Individual grant. EUR 9000 awarded to visit Swansea University from January to March 2008.

Selected papers

AP, A precise determination of the psibar-psi anomalous dimension in conformal gauge theories, Phys. Rev. D86, 025006 (2012), arXiv:1204.4432 [hep-lat].

L. Del Debbio, AP, C. Pica, Higher representations on the lattice: numerical simulations. SU(2) with adjoint fermions, Phys. Rev. D81, 094503 (2010), arXiv:0805.2058 [hep-lat] (100+ citations).

L. Del Debbio, B. Lucini, AP, C. Pica, A. Rago, Conformal vs confining scenario in SU(2) with adjoint fermions, Phys. Rev. D80, 074507 (2009), arXiv:0907.3896 [hep-lat] (50+ citations).

L. Del Debbio, B. Lucini, AP, C. Pica, A. Rago, The infrared dynamics of Minimal Walking Technicolor, Phys. Rev. D82, 014510 (2010), arXiv:1004.3206 [hep-lat] (50+ citations).

J. Greensite, B. Lucini, AP, k-string tensions and the 1/N expansion, Phys. Rev. D83, 125019 (2011), arXiv:1101.5344 [hep-th].

A. Armoni, AP, Degeneracy Between the Regge Slope of Mesons and Baryons from Supersymmetry, JHEP 0907, 073 (2009), arXiv:0901.4508 [hep-th].

AP, An Insight on the proof of orientifold planar equivalence on the lattice, Phys. Rev. D74, 034506 (2006), arXiv:hep-lat/0511037.

A comprehensive and updated list of my publications (including citations) can be found on inspirehep.net (inspire.net is the High-Energy Physics Literature Database managed by groups at CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC).

You can also visit my profile in Google Scholar scholar.google.com (updates of Google Scholar are slower).

Most of my papers are available in electronic format on arxiv.org (managed by Cornell University).