Professor Adrian Sargeant

Professor Adrian Sargeant

Professor of Marketing

Plymouth Graduate School of Management and Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Director of the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy

Professional membership

Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing & Chartered Marketer

Roles on external bodies

Served as the first Chief Examiner for the Institute of Fundraising 2010-2013

Teaching interests

Marketing Strategy
Nonprofit Marketing

Research groups

  • Service & Enterprise Research Centre (SERC)

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
Hudson JE, shang J & Sargeant A 2015 'Perceptions of Religious Relationships and Giving' ARNOVA Chicago //0 //0 PEARL
Hudson JE, Sargeant A & Wilson S 2011 'Donor complaints about fundraising: what are they and why should we care?' ARNOVA Toronto //0 //0 PEARL
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