Dr Adele Hill

Dr Adele Hill

Associate Dean - Teaching and Learning

Faculty of Health



Associate Dean Teaching and Learning (Faculty of Health)
Associate Professor in Medical Education
Programme Lead MSc Physician Associate Studies
Discipline Lead Biochemistry
Module Lead Evidence-Based Practice and Research Methods
Academic Liaison Person (ALP) Rila Institute of Health Sciences


Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy
Fellow Higher Education Academy
Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) - University of Plymouth
Research Fellow - Harvard University and Children's Hospital Boston
Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of Manchester
PhD Biochemistry - University of Manchester
BSc (Hons) Medical Biochemistry - University of Manchester

Professional membership


Roles on external bodies

Physician Associate School's Council (PASC)



Teaching interests

Programme Lead MSc Physician Associate Studies

Biochemistry Lead PA

Biochemsitry Lead BMBS

Evidence Based Practice Module Lead PA

Evidence Based Practice Academic Lead BMBS



Research interests

Physician Associate Preparedness for Practice

Integration of Biomedical and Clinical Science in Medicine

Evidence Based Practice curricula



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Haslauer CM, Proffen BL, Johnson VM, Hill A, Murray MM (2014) Gene expression of catabolic inflammatory cytokines peak before anabolic inflammatory cytokines after ACL injury in a preclinical model. J Inflamm (Lond) 11:34

Hill A, Duran J, Purcell P (2014) Lubricin protects the temporomandibular joint surfaces from degeneration. PLoS One 9(9):e106497

Allen JM, McGlinn E, Hill A , Warman ML (2013) Autopodial development is selectively impaired by misexpression of Chordin-like I in the chick limb. Dev Biol 381(1), 159-169 

Kim S, Hill A , Warman ML, Smits P (2012) Golgi disruption and early embryonic lethality in mice lacking USO1. PLOS One 7(11): e50530

Kadler KE, Hill A, Canty-Laird EG (2008) Collagen fibrillogenesis: fibronectin, integrins, and minor collagens as organizers and nucleators. Curr Opin Cell Biol, 20(5), 495-501