The Health App Challenge

The Health App Challenge was an online competition supporting patient-led innovation and engagement. Following the success of the Diabetes App Challenge 2012, the Health App Challenge supported patients to design and/or develop their own health apps that they considered beneficial for bariatric or diabetes self-management. Entries were then offered to other patients to try out and feedback their review. Patients also reviewed existing apps to help identify 'app gaps' in the market and inform peers interested in try new health apps. 

The project aimed to demonstrate how Health App Challenges could be sustained. The booklet 'Patient-led innovation: How to run, take part in and support a Health App Challenge' presents a best practice model for running future Health App Challenges with medical charities in mind.

This one year project was funded by the Intellectual Property Office through the Fast Forward Competition 2014, and supported by HANDI, WLSInfo, Diabetes UK and Britain's Nurses.