The University of Plymouth's vision for a new engineering building

The vision

This landmark building will provide a new home for engineering that provides the environment and foundations for our teaching and research into the next decade.

The vision is to create an environment that: 

  • enables our staff to engage in world-leading research through the provision of state-of-the-art resources; 
  • supports the delivery of forward looking teaching programmes that attract greater numbers of motivated students, and meet the future needs of UK industries; 
  • facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations across the University and with industry; 
  • attracts, retains and inspires talented academic, technical and support staff through provision of an outstanding working environment. 

The new engineering building will enable the School of Engineering to adopt innovative and transformative approaches to learning, thus engendering a high-quality student experience with an identifiable home. In addition, it will enable the School to engage with and support the research needs of our regional industries.

The building

Transformational features of this home for engineering will include large, flexible teaching spaces that will accommodate very large numbers of students; new innovative teaching and research enabled resources, e.g. virtual reality, wind tunnels, environmental testing rigs for large structures; and social spaces for students and staff. 

The building will provide offices and social space for PhDs and PDRAs, and research equipment co-located with the undergraduate workshops and project spaces, so that undergraduates see PhDs and research on a regular basis. This home for engineering will be shared with other interdisciplinary learning and research activities and disciplines; it will provide enhanced and modern specialist equipment, aligned to staff research and expertise and targeted on activities that support our research focus and enable us to engage with regional industrial partners.

Based on current plans, we envisage the new building will open in the summer of 2021.

Concept massing diagram of the new building

University features in film celebrating Plymouth’s engineering prowess

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) presents Engineering Plymouth. A film celebrating how civil engineers have helped to shape Plymouth over the last 500 years.

The film tells the story of Plymouth through its engineering milestones. From laying the foundations for a new town to the introduction of the Great Western Railway and the impressive Royal Albert Bridge. Through the Blitz bombs and on towards new horizons - robotics, artificial intelligence and the use of drone technology - we see how engineers are tackling problems and safeguarding the future for generations to come.

Supergen ORE Hub and Network

Bringing together for mutual benefit the related research areas of wave, tidal and offshore wind.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is creating a new Supergen ORE Hub aimed to bring together for mutual benefit the related research areas of wave, tidal and offshore wind in order to share skills, resources and expertise across the field of ORE.

The Supergen ORE Network is a mail distribution list to keep the Offshore Renewable Energy Community up to date on the latest news and events organised by Supergen ORE Hub. If you would like to be involved, please register to join the Supergen ORE Network.