New robots about to make their debut for the University Robot Football team. They are recreating the 1966 World Cup celebration with Bobby Moore on the shoulders of Geoff Hurst and Ray Wilson.

Plymouth Humanoid II – Teaching robots

Rapid prototyped polymer

Philips SPC 900NC

Body shell:  
Laser cut clear acrylic 3mm

18 degrees of freedom. Arms & shoulder use Dynamixel AX-12+, six per leg using Dynamixel RX-28. RS485 communications bus. custom servo horns. 

Custom PSU, +12v, +5v, +3v3, which power a Beagle Board C4 ARM Cortex A8 running Ubuntu 10.4. Also CM700 Robotis robotic servo controller with wireless (ZIGbee) access. 802.11b wifi access.

Marathon & Sprint in-line coding

Plymouth Humanoid III – ninja football robotPlymouth Humanoid III – ninja football robot

CNC machined HD surf board foam & Epoxy resin

Sweex HD

Body shell:  
Laser cut black acrylic 3mm

Mechanical design: 
20 degrees of freedom. Arms Dynamixel RX24 shoulder x2,
elbow, six per leg using Dynamixel RX24. Head pan and tilt. RS485 communications bus. Custom servo horns.

Custom PSU, +12v, +5v, +3v3, with battery swooping ports. 
Trimslice Tegra 250 dual core, ARM Cortex A9, 2GB RAM, 8GB flash memory running X-Ubuntu. Also, a CM700 Robotis robotic servo controller with wireless (ZIGbee) access. On board 5 axis IMU . 802.11g wifi access.

Ultra-lightweight Framework for multi-tasking, parallel thread execution. Football pitch SLAM, ball tracking, game play, Marathon & Sprint. Specialist goal-keeper tactics and localisation.

Also Game referee link using WiFi, real-time logging and debugging.

Plymouth Humanoid IV – Drake-I

The Drake-I Robot, came out the research done here at Plymouth. The robot itself only features one
similar part/component (RX-28/Mx-28 Servo’s) to its predecessor, PlymBot. All other parts,
electronics, and software have been design various people who have even work, or studied here at


Parts and components

RX28/MX-28 Servo - 20x Robotis strong (24kg/cm) daisy chained servos (MX-28 – robot football only)

Odriod-X2 - Quad Core 1.4Ghz, 2 GB RAM, eMMc Boot, Etc.. From HardKernal

Wifi dongle - 2.4Ghz, Long range & storage single (Large aerial), From HardKernal

Tartarus - Plymouth designed & built, using 32Mhz Atmel Microchip.

Themis – IMU - Plymouth designed & built, 6 axis, using military grade silicon sensing gyro’s

C615 Webcam - Logitech HD 1080p, 8 Megapixels, USB2.0.

Micro Fans - Mini (15x15mm) 9v PC case fans, used to cool robots body.

Drake Body Kit - 27x Different 1.2/2mm T5 aluminium body kit, make by APE Systems

Hex Screws - 400+ hex screw per robot (various sizes)

Cables - 23x 3 & 4 pin COMMs cable.

Lipo Battery - 1x 11.1V, 3 cell, Zippy Compact, 1300mAh

3D Head - 3D Printed, using the Makerbot, Plymouth designed.