Robot football - technical

Plymouth Humanoid II – Teaching robots

Rapid prototyped polymer

Philips SPC 900NC

Body shell:  
Laser cut clear acrylic 3mm

18 degrees of freedom. Arms & shoulder use Dynamixel AX-12+, six per leg using Dynamixel RX-28. RS485 communications bus. custom servo horns. 

Custom PSU, +12v, +5v, +3v3, which power a Beagle Board C4 ARM Cortex A8 running Ubuntu 10.4. Also CM700 Robotis robotic servo controller with wireless (ZIGbee) access. 802.11b wifi access.

Marathon & Sprint in-line coding

Plymouth Humanoid III – ninja football robotPlymouth Humanoid III – ninja football robot

CNC machined HD surf board foam & Epoxy resin

Sweex HD

Body shell:  
Laser cut black acrylic 3mm

Mechanical design: 
20 degrees of freedom. Arms Dynamixel RX24 shoulder x2,
elbow, six per leg using Dynamixel RX24. Head pan and tilt. RS485 communications bus. Custom servo horns.

Custom PSU, +12v, +5v, +3v3, with battery swooping ports. 
Trimslice Tegra 250 dual core, ARM Cortex A9, 2GB RAM, 8GB flash memory running X-Ubuntu. Also, a CM700 Robotis robotic servo controller with wireless (ZIGbee) access. On board 5 axis IMU . 802.11g wifi access.

Ultra-lightweight Framework for multi-tasking, parallel thread execution. Football pitch SLAM, ball tracking, game play, Marathon & Sprint. Specialist goal-keeper tactics and localisation.

Also Game referee link using WiFi, real-time logging and debugging.

Plymouth Humanoid IV – Drake-I

The Drake-I Robot, came out the research done here at Plymouth. The robot itself only features one
similar part/component (RX-28/Mx-28 Servo’s) to its predecessor, PlymBot. All other parts,
electronics, and software have been design various people who have even work, or studied here at


Parts and components

RX28/MX-28 Servo - 20x Robotis strong (24kg/cm) daisy chained servos (MX-28 – robot football only)

Odriod-X2 - Quad Core 1.4Ghz, 2 GB RAM, eMMc Boot, Etc.. From HardKernal

Wifi dongle - 2.4Ghz, Long range & storage single (Large aerial), From HardKernal

Tartarus - Plymouth designed & built, using 32Mhz Atmel Microchip.

Themis – IMU - Plymouth designed & built, 6 axis, using military grade silicon sensing gyro’s

C615 Webcam - Logitech HD 1080p, 8 Megapixels, USB2.0.

Micro Fans - Mini (15x15mm) 9v PC case fans, used to cool robots body.

Drake Body Kit - 27x Different 1.2/2mm T5 aluminium body kit, make by APE Systems

Hex Screws - 400+ hex screw per robot (various sizes)

Cables - 23x 3 & 4 pin COMMs cable.

Lipo Battery - 1x 11.1V, 3 cell, Zippy Compact, 1300mAh

3D Head - 3D Printed, using the Makerbot, Plymouth designed.