Potential High Achievers Scheme

What is The Potential High Achievers Scheme?

In the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics we recognise that our students are the future of the growing computing and electronics industry. We know that our applicants will thrive in the hands-on environment we can provide, and we want to ensure our best applicants become our future.

  • Are you a high achieving student? Are you being predicted top grades?
  • Can you demonstrate your motivation and do you want to succeed in our world?
  • Do you want to secure your future at university?

The Potential High Achievers Scheme is now open for students who have applied to study, from September 2018, a range of full-time undergraduate courses within the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics. We will be contacting applicants who are not only on course to achieve top marks but who have an outstanding personal statement, in order to offer them a chance to receive an unconditional offer immediately.

If you have received an offer from the University and a letter from the Head of School offering you the opportunity to make this an unconditional offer it is because we believe that you have the potential that we are seeking in our Potential High Achievers Scheme.

All you need to do is make the University of Plymouth your first choice on UCAS. As recognition of the potential we think you have we will then change your offer to unconditional. Your place at the University of Plymouth will then be confirmed and you can go ahead and make arrangements for your accommodation and plan your move to Plymouth in September.

For more information please see our frequently asked questions.

Admissions tutors

  • Lecturer in Analogue and Digital Electronics (Education)
    Electrical and electronic engineering and robotics
  • Lecturer in Information Systems and Big Data

Putting students first

Our degrees are hands-on, equipping you with real-world knowledge and skills which are highly in demand by the industry. 

"Plymouth provided a great atmosphere in which to work. I think this was the single most important aspect for me." Jake Evans.
"After visiting all my choices I decided to put Plymouth as my only choice as I liked the fact that it employed a practical approach to engineering and it much more accurately fit my requirements. It also had some great facilities and staff who were experts in their fields and who had a real passion for their subjects." Joel Gibbard.

ALIZ-E companion project


  • In electronics we are world-renowned for our research into nanotechnology, biosensors, spintronics, information storage, telecommunications and renewable energy.
  • Humanoid robots: we have a world-leading research programme in walking bipedal robots and currently hold two world records in robot athletics. 
  • Our Mathematics research is internationally leading with strong links to organisations including the European Mathematics Society, CERN and the Cochrane Collaboration (in medical statistics). We have lecturers expert in pure and applied mathematics, theoretical physics, statistics and data analytics and high performance computing (for solving problems on supercomputers).
  • Our computing degrees are strongly informed by our research at the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS) and the Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN).

Terms and Conditions

1. Only UK and EU applicants to selected full-time undergraduate degree courses within the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics will be considered for this scheme. International status applicants/students will not be considered.

2. Applications are considered based on UCAS application data, including academic criteria being met and the individuals personal statement.

3. Applicants must meet the academic criteria of the course they have applied for, or be on course to receive A level results to meet the minimum entry criteria.

4. Applicants with any other outstanding conditions, for example proof of English language or mathematics, will not be considered for this scheme.

5. Applicants must choose the University of Plymouth as their first choice by 3 May 2018 in order to be eligible to receive an unconditional offer.

6. Feedback is only available on request, and is at the discretion of the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics.

7. Applicants who wish to be considered for this scheme, and who have not been contacted directly, must do so in writing to the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics, Recruitment and Admissions Team before 1 April 2018.

8. An unconditional offer decision is final, the University of Plymouth will honour the offer of a place to any applicants successful in this scheme.