Professional diving

University of Plymouth is unique in offering its students the opportunity to gain the HSE SCUBA certification and undertake academic diving.

Scientific divers

Diving offers scientists a unique ability to interact with the marine environment; to conduct experiments and gather data impossible by other means.

HSE SCUBA qualification is required for any 'working' scuba dive

The intensive 4 week summer courses are accredited by the HSE and delivered by experienced instructors. Places are limited, prioritised to specific marine programmes and there are additional fees. You will need to pass an HSE medical and aptitude tests.
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Project work

Qualified students can develop scientific diving skills via an optional module and then dive in support of their own academic or wider research projects (with the National Marine Aquarium or the Marine Biological Association amongst others).


Students who have completed University of Plymouth's HSE SCUBA course have gone on to achieve great things in all aspects of the underwater industry. Ex-students can be found all over the globe conducting research, exploration, engineering or survey.