Graduate Profile - Martin Goff
"A geography field trip in my sixth form to the south coast of England, looking at coastal processes, first got me interested in studying this area and having a career related to it. I found out about the ocean science degree through NERC (National Environment Research Council) scholarships in New Scientist magazine. I chose Plymouth because it offered one of the best courses in this field. Also, Plymouth and the surrounding area was an attractive place to live. 

After completing my degree I went to the University of Wales, Bangor, to take an MSc in Applied Physical Oceanography. For the last six years I have been working as an oceanographer at Fugro GEOS Ltd in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. I currently share my time between project management and site work. 

I have worked in our Perth, Australia office for over a year as well as several months in our Singapore office. My site work has taken me all over the world: to Norway, Kenya, China, Burma, Borneo, Malaysia, Egypt, the Canaries, Australia, Ireland, Oman, Philippines and Indonesia, and I expect this to continue. 

My site work has taken me all over the world.”