BSc Psychology- Study abroad year
Simge Engelkiran, spent a year at Nebraska Wesleyan University in the USA:

A challenge year in​ the USA

"I have always dreamed of learning about other cultures and meeting with new people. I guess that the way of getting in contact with a city differs dramatically depending on whether you just go as a tourist, or if you go as a student. You can get to know the city in depth and you can share your knowledge with other foreign students.  This was the reason I applied for the ISEP.

I submitted my application during the January and four months later I was accepted by Nebraska Wesleyan University. My American dream experience was going to be for an academic year studying in the Psychology School. During the year I gained so much knowledge in academic fields such as having the opportunity to dissect a sheep brain or taking part in animal learning with mice. Seeing a different educational system and doing practical things helped me to be able to think more critically about education. Also, one year studying in the USA was not only good for my academic level, it was also perfect for life challenging experiences as well. So, a combination of academic learning and cultural learning has given me both personal and academic benefits. For example, it broadened my horizons by experiencing a foreign culture first hand. I have been able to explore new cities and make new friends, gain new perspectives, develop greater confidence and self reliance.

I believe studying abroad is not only about education itself; it is also about developing yourself to the level where there are no boundaries for you in life. Gaining knowledge and ability to work at an international level gives me an advantage with the job market. The huge immensity of cultures that I have met and discovered thanks to ISEP have made me realise what I want for my future.

Travelling abroad is always a good thing. Now, I can proudly say that it has been one of the best and wisest choices I could have ever made!"