A new psychology course designed for you

A complete redesign to respond to student feedback

  • More contact
  • More active learning
  • More social learning
  • More practice of core skills
  • More feedback
  • More challenge
  • More choice

Our new course is based on learning by doing

We have built a brand new Psychology Experiential Learning lab - PsychEL, where you will work with other students on assignments and practical exercises specifically designed to let you explore the breadth of psychology at first hand. 

You'll experience phenomena, carry out experiments, collect data, and learn how to analyse your own data, instead of working through exercises from books. Instead of essays, you'll be writing the sort of reports, case-studies, proposals and presentations that you'll need to create when you graduate and start work.

You'll be learning through carrying out short projects to tackle specific problems. You'll repeat skills to master them, and you'll get rapid feedback on your work from tutors so that you can improve and get the best marks.

Stage 1

The year starts with a single, four week module on Learning in which you discover the psychology of learning, and how to use this knowledge to learn most effectively while at University. You'll complete an online Lab Book to record your results and give a group presentation or poster. This coursework is assessed, and you'll get the results back within twenty working days.

The next two modules run in parallel, and introduce you to a range of topics and controversies across the breadth of psychology. Again, there are weekly exercises to carry out in PsychEL, and to write up in your online Lab Book. These are assessed by a combination of coursework and a multiple choice and short-answer exam in January.

The second semester is similar, with three modules assessed by a mixture of coursework and examination.

STAGE 1   
Learning  100% coursework
Introduction to Psychological Science  PsychEL + 30% coursework, 70% exam
Debates in Psychology  PsychEL +30% coursework, 70% exam
Relationships  100% coursework
Topics in Psychology  PsychEL + 30% coursework, 70% exam
Connecting Psychology  PsychEL +30% coursework, 70% exam

Stage 2

In the second year, you'll study three modules in parallel in each semester.

As in Stage 1, all modules include practical exercises and you'll use the online Lab Book to report your findings. There is a mix of coursework and examination throughout the year.

This year is focussed on meeting the coverage required by the British Psychological Society curriculum, as our course is fully accredited.

The coursework includes authentic reports such as case studies, executive summaries, group presentations, data visualisation, reflective assessments and interview skills. These will give you the confidence to step right into work when you graduate.

The examinations include short answer papers, applied questions, and essay questions.

You can also choose to study abroad for the whole of this year, depending upon language skills and finance. We have over 200 partner Universities you can apply to study at.

STAGE 2   
Research Skills in Practice 1  Skills + 100% coursework
Cognitive and Biological Psychology  PsychEL + 100% exam
Health and Wellbeing  100% coursework
Research Skills in Practice 2  Skills + 100% coursework
Individual Differences, Social and Developmental Psychology  PsychEL + 100% exam
Applied Psychology  100% coursework

Optional work experience year

All of our students can opt to take a year out of study between their second and final years, to gain valuable work experience in a psychology related workplace. You'll have the chance to decide during your second year, and you will be supported by your tutor and a dedicated placements team.

Your final year

You have complete freedom of choice about the topics you specialise in for your final year.

You'll study eight advanced topics, from a list of over twenty options, taught by world experts in their fields.

You'll choose to work on your own research project, supervised by one of our staff. All of our staff are active researchers, and all of our staff teach, unlike other Universities. As a large school, you can be confident that we can cover almost every area.

Research Project (40 credits)  Skills + 100% coursework
Advanced topics in Psychology (single honours 80 credits) 30% coursework, 70% exam