Frequently Asked Questions
What is the accommodation like? Find out all about accommodation on the Residence Life pages.
When do lectures take place? Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm. The timetable changes every semester, so we cannot tell you precisely. Tutorials are one hour long; lectures last two hours; seminars and practicals three hours.
Where are the lectures held? All scheduled teaching takes place on the central city centre campus, this year most of our lectures are in Roland Levinsky, Levinsky Hall. Other sessions take place in rooms around campus, but all are less than five minutes away from each other.
What are the term dates? We have two 15 week long semesters, and have scheduled teaching in ten weeks of each semester (the other weeks are set aside for reading, independent and group work, completing coursework, and sitting examinations). 
How much 'contact time' is there? Over the whole course, 24 per cent of your time is spent in scheduled sessions (based on a 40 hour week). In the first year, there are on average 16-17 hours a week. You can compare this with other courses on the UNISTATS website.
What is taught on the modules? Like all accredited courses, we follow the BPS curriculum covering biological, cognitive, developmental, and social psychology, individual differences and personality, conceptual and historical issues, and research methods, including the final year empirical project. You can get some more detail on each module from the course details section of our BSc (Hons) Psychology pages.
What can I specialise in? In the third year, you have a huge range of options to choose from, and of course, your final year project can be on almost anything.
What is the assessment like? We use a wide range of different forms of assessment, including coursework essays, practical reports, online multiple choice tests, and formal examinations. Over the whole course, 78 per cent of the assessment is by coursework