Athena SWAN Award

Equality and diversity in the School of Psychology

The Athena SWAN Charter is a recognition scheme for UK universities and their STEM departments. The aim of the scheme is the advancement of women in science, engineering and technology in higher education and a significant increase in the number of women recruited to the top posts. As part of its commitment to Equality and Diversity, the University of Plymouth is a founder member of the charter.

In 2013 the School of Psychology was awarded its first Bronze SWAN recognition award for its efforts in promoting women’s success in this subject. Our award was renewed in 2018 under the revised scheme and lasts until 2022.

Actions that support women’s career advancement can benefit all staff. Therefore the school and University take active steps to create and maintain a culture of diversity where all can thrive and be rewarded for their contribution, regardless of gender and family circumstances.

Staff insight – Dr Caroline Floccia

...I was in my twenties, and I went to a party and I met somebody who told me for the first time about the existence of a field called cognitive psychology… a field in which people study how the brain and mind work… it was a revelation…

Find out why Dr Caroline Floccia is passionate about cognitive psychology.

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