4th Conference on Systemic Entrepreneurship

4th Conference on Systemic Entrepreneurship: an entrepreneurial renaissance in Africa

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

18-20 May 2014

Africa is characterized by various challenges and entrepreneurship is seen as a philosophy and strategy to address many of these challenges.  Solutions can only be found through active multi-disciplinary dialogue which is the aim of this conference. The specific focus of this conference was Africa.  The normative base for entrepreneurship was revisited and the underlying theories were re-articulated to ensure that entrepreneurship strategies and actions are embedded in a robust and durable entrepreneurship development framework for Africa.

Planning is underway for the next conference, if you are interested in attending please contact futurescentre@plymouth.ac.uk

Conference themes

  • Theme 1: The need for entrepreneurial universities in Africa
  • Theme 2: The need to enhance student-staff-business collaboration within universities
  • Theme 3: Country eco-systems to facilitate systemic entrepreneurship
  • Theme 4: Country case studies in systemic entrepreneurship
  • Theme 5: Operationalising systemic entrepreneurship: context, content, process