Rodrigo Alvarez

Executive director, Mobiliza, Brazil

"I am glad to be the only representative of Latin America in this advisory panel of Rogare.

 "I am part of a region that, despite the recent economic development, is still the world’s region with the highest levels of inequality and an underdeveloped culture of donation. So, I want to be a connection between my region and the cutting edge knowledge developed about fundraising and philanthropy in the world."

Rodrigo Alvarez is the Executive Director of Mobiliza, a fundraising strategy Brazilian consultancy company. Recognised Brazilian fundraising professional, Alvarez has 20 years working at the social sector and is one of the pioneers in the professional fundraising field in Brazil, having in his curriculum, among other things, the creation of the Fundraisers Brazilian Association (ABCR) and to be the Regional Representative of The Resource Alliance, a global network for fundraising and philanthropy.

Rogare involvement

Special interest groups

  • Ethics
  • Regulation
  • Relationship fundraising.