PBS Language Proficiency Programme (LPP): Italian level 1

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Italian level 1​

Tutor: Dr Danielle Bishop

Class dates: Starting in week commencing 17 October 2022 and finishing week commencing 27 March 2023.

Class times: Wednesdays from 15:00–17:00.

Frequency of class: Two hours of class contact and approximately1.5 hours self-study a week are recommended in order to make good progress.

Venue: Cookworthy Building, Plymouth Business School.

Course fee: These classes are free of charge for the first 20 interested students.

Number of students: Maximum 20.

Recommended textbook: Foundations Italian 1 (Macmillan, 3rd Edition, 2016). ISBN-10‏:‎ 1137579218

Additional resources: These will be provided for you both in class and in the form of weekly private study learning packages (available on the DLE).

Assessment: Assessment is voluntary and will be held at the end of the course in week commencing 27.03.23. More details on assessment format will be given during semester 2 for those who are interested.

Cancelled classes: any classes that are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances will be re-arranged by your tutor for a later date.

Description: Level 1 assumes no previous knowledge of the language.

The course introduces some of the basic structures of the language through topics related to social and everyday life in Italy. The focus is on listening, speaking and reading basic materials that introduce grammatical structures which will facilitate manipulation of the language. By the end of the course students will be able to use both the present and the future tense in Italian. Elements of Italian culture will be incorporated into the classes.

Methodology: Teaching is communicative with class work emphasising listening, speaking and practice of sentence structure. Self-study consists of reviewing the work done in class and practising language skills as advised by the tutor.