Language opportunities
Language electives are taught by an experienced team of linguists whose academic research interests include aspects of modern French and Spanish culture and society, development of modern languages, language acquisition, e-learning and cultural studies. Delivered in the attractive and well-equipped Plymouth Business School, they are available in German, French, Spanish and Mandarin. When selecting a language module, students should seek guidance from a member of the Languages Group to ensure that they have chosen the appropriate level. Listed below are the proficiency requirements for all our language electives:

Complete beginners or those who have achieved grades C, D, E at GCSE:
FREX01 (French 1)
GERX01 (German 1)
SPNX01 (Spanish 1)
MANX001 (Mandarin 1)

Plymouth University modules French 1/Spanish 1/German 1 or grades A and B at GCSE:
FREX02 (French 2)
SPNX02 (Spanish 2)
GERX02 (German 2)

Plymouth University modules French 2/Spanish 2 or AS level (or equivalent):
FREX03 (French 3)
SPNX03 (Spanish 3)

Plymouth University modules French 3/Spanish 3 or A level (or equivalent):
FREX400 (Advanced French 1)
SPNX400 (Advanced Spanish 1)

Plymouth University modules Advanced French 1/Advanced Spanish 1 (or equivalent):
FREX500 (Advanced French 2)
SPNX500 (Advanced Spanish 2)

Plymouth University modules Advanced French 2/ Advanced Spanish 2 (or equivalent):
FREX600 (Advanced French 3)
SPNX600 (Advanced Spanish 3)

For students who have spent time abroad in a French or Spanish speaking country:
FREX700 (Advanced French 4)
SPNX700 (Advanced Spanish 4)

Meet the Team
Programme Manager: Dr Danielle Bishop
German: Dr Jacquie Hope
French: Dr Danielle Bishop, Mr Simon Bréus and Dr Charlie Mansfield
Spanish: Dr Chelo de Andrés Martínez, Mr Philip Edwards, Ms Blanca Del Cerro-García and Ms Irene García Ruiz

Please note that language elective options may vary based on your programme of study.