School Engagement Programme

Our activities give you an opportunity to learn about Plymouth Business School, university studies and student life in general. You will have the chance to work alongside our business students, to share ideas, network and make connections. In addition, the programme is designed to support interest in business studies and enhance the school business curriculum. 

Find out what we have to offer below:

Festival of Social Sciences

For several years we having been running various outreach events during the national Festival of Social Science organised by the Economic and Social Research Council. The festival takes place in November and we have delivered events on sustainable business and on digital security.

Digital Rights – November 2017

Digital rights and online security

Sustainable Business – November 2016

Enterprise Days 

Enterprise Days were created to develop pupils’ entrepreneurial skills, encourage them to think ‘out of the box’, expand their innovative creativity, advance their presentation skills and in addition give them the opportunity to work with real businesses. Over the years we have worked with various small and medium size regional businesses and created entrepreneurial educational real business projects for pupils to solve business problems and suggest areas for improvements in areas such as branding, marketing, product development, product design, social media strategy and business innovation.

Some examples and links to testimonials:

Enterprise Day with Year 7 pupils from Plymouth High School for Girls and locally based creative social enterprise Flameworks, documents learning enterprise skills in a creative way. Creative way of learning enterprise skills – February 2018

We have also worked with other local based companies such as the Mount Batten Centre, Helm Squared Ltd or Bath based company Artful Chocolatier.

A real business consultancy project with the Mount Batten Centre and Ivybridge Community College

Connecting Enterprise Skills with Innovative Fashion

Enterprise Day at DHSG with Chimpsta and Erasmus Plus Teams

Enterprise Day full of designs, creativity, business ideas and chocolate


Over the last four years, the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre has designed and delivered 500-word essay writing and business presentation competitions. These competitions gave pupils the opportunity to work independently on a topic of their interest and to work alongside our student ambassadors. Through the competitions, pupils improved their research, presentation, communication and analytical skills. Furthermore pupils enhanced their knowledge of contemporary business practice, gained confidence in public speaking and developed their team-building skills. The participating pupils won exciting prizes and were awarded certificates.

Some of the competitions we offer:

  • Business Presentation Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition

Business Presentation Competition

Presentation competitions were always the highlight of an academic year and a very popular amongst all pupils. Public speaking, presentation, communication, research skills and teamwork are highly valuable and important skills to develop for young people. Each competition ran over a day and pupils spent the morning working on a topic with student ambassadors  in their allocated groups. The aim was to create a ten minute presentation for the afternoon and present it to the panel of academics.

Essay Writing Competition

The essay writing competitions created a great deal of interest amongst schools in the South West and all the essays submitted were of a very high quality. For each of the essay competitions pupils were asked to answer only one of four questions. The questions were designed to give pupils a variety of choices and allow them to delve more deeply into a particular area of interest.

Links to testimonials and stories from previous competitions:

Business Presentation competition for academic year 2014/2015

Business Presentation competition for academic year 2015/2016

Business Presentation competition for academic year 2016/2017

Business Presentation competition for academic year 2017/2018

Cornish students triumph in annual business competition – Press Release

Essay competition – July 2015

Essay competition – May 2016

Campus Visit

Business Focus Days gave pupils an opportunity to visit our university and learn about higher education. These days raised pupils’ aspirations for further business related studies and gave them the opportunity to explore the campus and to learn about extra-curricular activities and student life in general. These days usually consisted of lectures, various interactive workshops, Q&A sessions with our student ambassadors and a Campus Tour. Business Focus Days were open to any year and tailored to school’s requests and preferences. 

Links to testimonials and stories from previous campus visits: