Futures six principles


Being directly engaged with its local community through education and research, Futures proves that entrepreneurship can thrive upon community links while community benefits from entrepreneurial activity. While working with different types of communities, those being bound by place, interest, religion, profession, ethnicity, kinship, history or culture, Futures recognises the importance of the cohesive factors and the meaning of the collective bond in entrepreneurial development. 


Futures builds partnerships and collaborations between academia, community, businesses, and the public sector in order to increase the potential of the partners and maximise their economic, organisational, social, and cultural capacity, which grows through teamwork. By developing collaborations Futures build bridges between different academic disciplines, professional areas, and groups and consequently develop new approaches to entrepreneurial theories and practices.


Futures believe that diversity enriches human relations and improves economic, organisational and social performance of people and organisations; thus we invite and incorporate diverse stakeholders and make an effort to include and support those groups and individuals which are disadvantaged, marginalised or excluded from the mainstream economic, social or educational system of support. In our work we set and strive for common goals with the appreciation for differences among the engaged individuals, communities and organisations. 


In Futures we believe that enterprise, as much as an individual life and society as a whole, is made of mutual relations. We develop and apply our expertise and produce impact in such a way that considers the consequences of our actions on people, environment and society at large. Our activities and research are undertaken in a direct relation to the changing world locally and globally, as we meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future to ensure a healthy, equal society.


Futures believe that entrepreneurship is a mindset and a skill that everyone can develop if supported appropriately. By grounding our activities on research and scholarship Futures offer bespoke support to its students, collaborators and clients, and subsequently creates new opportunities for professional development and socio-economic growth. By implementing our training programmes we push barriers and break new ground to drive forward fresh ways of doing enterprise.


Futures trust that prosperity takes diverse forms and can be measured in financial and non-financial terms. We recognise that prosperity can have the social, personal, cultural and material value and that it is built in relations to others. Today entrepreneurship incorporates the objective not just to pursue increased profit margins but also to develop high environmental performance and address social issues. By tackling some of the world’s current issues, Futures contributes to prosperity of communities, individuals and organisations in the face of their specific needs.