Bianca Little - BA (Hons) Marketing
“As one part of my internship, I have undertaken a role with Bread and Roses Community Pub.  The role has required me to handle all aspects of Bread and Roses online media, including Facebook, Twitter and updating and maintaining their website.  I have updated the website, working alongside other members of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ team and with a local business, Tec Team, to make it more relevant to the needs of the Pub and its customers. 

Over the time I have worked at Bread and Roses I have collected email addresses of customers who would like to receive regular updates about the pub and use them as part of a monthly mailing list.  The monthly mailing list update also compromises of a monthly Newsletter, created in advance, with the regular, one-off and special events added. 

I update Bread and Roses social media on a regular basis with new products, events and general posts to encourage involvement from followers. 
The second part of my internship is with BA (Hons) Marketing at Plymouth University. This role requires increasing BA (Hons) Marketing’s online presence, as well as aiming to increase the recruitment of potential students to the course. 

It has also involved the overhaul of the official Marketing Society.  The society has had a plan created for regular socials and inspiring events for marketing students and any other students from across the University with an interest in marketing. 

Future projects that are currently being planned for the BA Marketing side of my internship include: a questionnaire to establish the online reading habits of undergraduates, in order for us to fill the Facebook and Twitter pages with relevant content for our followers; a diary of interviews from staff and students involved with the BA (Hons) Marketing course and their experiences with the University; and a diary of success stories from past students of the Marketing Course. 

Overall, the opportunity to work on an internship with Plymouth University, alongside my Placement, has given me the opportunity to meet and network with people I wouldn’t normally have had the opportunity to meet and to carry out a wide range of different marketing based activities."

Bianca Little - BA (Hons) Marketing – Final Year