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Learn more about work-based learning including Inspiring Futures and business competitions.

In today‚Äôs globalised world, a degree is no longer a guarantee of a job and work-based learning can provide invaluable experiences for students whilst being mutually beneficial to the participating organisations. Students often bring fresh eyes and fresh thinking. Sometimes the simple questions asked by students as they try and understand a business are more effective than much more expensive consultancy.  

Futures connects our students to organisations in the region and beyond through work-based learning such as student-led consultancy projects, competitions and other work experience. We are keen to work with organisations who want to give our students opportunities to learn new skills, get involved and make a difference.

Benefits for organisations offering work-based learning opportunities to students:

  • Benefit from fresh eyes and minds getting involved in your organisation.
  • Assess the contribution of the student to see if there is a future role that is beneficial to your organisation and the individual.
  • Gain access to a source of talented people who can help with the short term needs of your organisation.
  • Improve your links with the University, which can provide all kinds of opportunities that can help your organisation.

Benefits for students undertaking work-based learning:

  • Improves their employability prospects and prepares them for professional life by enhancing existing skills, plus developing new skills and knowledge that employers look for including team work, communication, problem solving and confidence.
  • Allows them to explore employment / career possibilities and make potentially valuable network contacts.
  • Allows them to apply their theoretical studies to real business challenges.
  • Improves their academic performance by being able to draw on real, work-based learning experiences.

For more information about offering our students work-based learning opportunities, please contact inspiringfutures@plymouth.ac.uk.

Inspiring Futures

Inspiring Futures is designed to enhance the employability skills of our students, giving them an opportunity to undertake a real, consultancy project for an organisation.

The organisation benefits from free business advice provided by a team of talented, business students, acting as trainee consultants.

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Business Competitions

Futures' business competitions are a mutually beneficial way for students and organisations to work together.

The competitive element adds excitement to the learning experience and the results have a positive, tangible impact on the business.

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