Developing Futures Professional Development


Leading business as unusual

At Futures we believe the leadership of innovation, enterprise and change succeeds, where individuals and teams are working with purpose-confidently, creatively and collaboratively, to address the unique issues and opportunities of our time.

We work with those ambitious leaders, who are values-based, and vision driven; leaders who seek to demonstrate impact and value more widely, beyond the creation of positive financial returns.

At Futures we develop research impact, through joint action with our partner clients. Our goal is to foster new expertise and experience and to create success that can be shared, with lasting impact.

Bespoke courses

Enterprise and organisational leadership

  • Leading Enterprise and Innovation.
  • Leading ‘Business as Unusual’: Fostering Innovation during Change.
  • Developing Internal Consultancy Skills.
  • Leading Innovation across Cultures.
Leadership development
  • Developing Self and Others.
  • Fostering Team Spirit: High Impact Team Working.

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Short courses

Content may be tailor made for an organisation, or run as a general course.
  • Introductions to Fundamentals of Project Management.
  • Project Management Advanced: Exploring Best Practice Techniques (For example: Earned Value Management; Stakeholder Management; Risk Behaviour, Attitude and Culture).
  • Systems Thinking and Sustainability in Organisations.
  • Managing Change.

Entrepreneurial Leadership in Livewell SW - Our Story

This is the third programme that we’ve commissioned and we’re really pleased with it. It gives an important message to people working within Livewell SW that we really value and support innovation that comes from people delivering those services.

Listen to Steve Waite, Chief Executive of Livewell Southwest and the facilitators’ experiences of the Leadership in Social Enterprise programme

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