Bespoke professional development

Our working approach

We collaborate with leaders at all levels, enabling them to work effectively together, with the common aim of creating positive and lasting impact.

Our co-designed programmes and tailored events are focused on leading innovation, enterprise and change. Each is uniquely customised to our client’s needs.

Our working approach is experiential and we facilitate the application of leading edge theory and practice to your ‘live’ business issues. For instance, this ranges from strategy to services, from new products and processes, to new business models.

Developing Futures professional development

The following are examples of fully customised programmes we have created with organisational partners including: The NHS, Community Interest Companies, Local Government, Charities, plus Health and Social Care organisations. 

Customising programmes and return on investment with staff
We co-develop content with our clients, in line their organisational priorities. We then work to create positive results, with delegates, who in turn can effectively demonstrate impact to their executive board. Our customisation includes a range of certification opportunities. This enables delegates to have their learning formally recognised and to gain credit for learning at postgraduate level.

Enterprise and organisational leadership

  • Leading Enterprise and Innovation
    This programme was originally designed for leaders working in the largest healthcare social enterprise in the UK. Delegates were involved in high level change programmes. In particular they wanted to actively develop their leadership and innovation practices, to address live business challenges and to develop high impact business proposals at board level. They applied different business planning frameworks supporting “Flourishing Business” design to their propositions, while developing associated leadership coaching and influencing skills, to enable robust collaboration for change. 

  • Leading ‘Business as Unusual’: Fostering Innovation during Change
    This experiential course has enabled over two hundred delegates to date to address their ‘live’ business issues, while variously creating social and environmental impact for their communities. They quickly formulate solutions to address their priorities and to reconcile ‘wicked issues’, through the application of a range of leadership, innovation, enterprise and change frameworks and processes. 

  • Developing Internal Consultancy Skills
    Informed by OD methodologies and frameworks, leaders working within the UK public sector learn and actively apply a range of internal consultancy skills supporting change, innovation and performance improvement. Delegates usually work across a wider organisational remit, to enable them to effectively test out their learning in a consultancy capacity. 

  • Leading Innovation across Cultures
    Those involved in and affecting innovation will often have diverse personal values, which work between and within these groups. This programme seeks to address the following questions and dilemmas facing organisational leaders. Why innovation? Why do the dynamic and complex operating environments in which we operate throw up wicked problems, which cannot be addressed in simple, straight forward ways? Why is it so hard to build and maintain the capacity to innovation- despite big resource investments in many organisations? What kind of innovation can be aligned with the business strategy? In this programme delivered recently with UK and Asian delegates for instance, we explore leadership, we practice innovation and we look across cultures. We draw on experiential learning approaches, to create innovation proposals that, have enabled increased revenues/ reduced costs, improved services or staff motivation within their host organisation. 

Leadership development 

  • Developing Self and Others
    We facilitate the development and application of the principles and practices of self-leadership, leading and following others. We cultivate a high-level coaching and mentoring capability and produce strategies for personal and wider workforce development. This also supports delegates personal and professional development through the creation of a Personal Development Plan, which is developed throughout and informed by feedback from peers and others providing coaching and development insights.

  • Fostering Team Spirit: High Impact Team Working
    In this programme we actively work with the dynamics that affect team working. Delegates are introduced to team work principles and practice, while prototyping alternative strategies that foster engagement, commitment understanding and ultimately effective action in the field. This programme is informed by current research created by leading consultants working with corporate teams.