About Rogare

Rogare (Latin for ‘to ask’) is the University of Plymouth Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy’s fundraising think tank and the home of Critical Fundraising – the discipline of critically evaluating what fundraisers know, or think they know, about their profession.

Our remit will be to explore under-researched and ‘under-thought’ areas of fundraising. One of our key aims is to generate new practical ideas by pulling together the academic and practitioner branches of the fundraising profession. 

On these pages, you can find out about our current research priorities, meet the members of our advisory panel, and find out more about supporting us through corporate Associate Membership.

Rogare advisory panel

Rogare is looking for the next generation of fundraising thought leaders to join our advisory panel

The advisory panel helps us identify research projects and has the vital task of translating our research findings into professional practice.

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Interview with Rogare's Ian MacQuillin

Rogare is the engine that turns academic ideas into actionable information for fundraisers.

Ian MacQuillin

Tackling fundraising's biggest challenges

Rogare explores areas that our advisory panel has identified as needing more evidence, new thinking or a fresh approach. Rogare is the engine that turns academic ideas into actionable information for fundraisers. Although how we tackle subjects will vary from project to project, overall we will follow a consistent model:

1. Review existing information

Conduct a wide-ranging interdisciplinary literature review of all research and other relevant published findings, identifying how these ideas could be applied to solve/address the issue. 

2. Turn these ideas into professional practice

Convene a conference attended by members of the advisory panel, Associate Members and other potential users of the research that will brainstorm these theoretical ideas into recommended best practice.

3. Publish our recommendations

Publish a subsequent free report containing these best practice recommendations. 

Our current areas of interest are:

A. Public perception of fundraising.

B. Behavioural science.

C. 'Tomorrow's Philanthropy' – exploring how different types of social action work together.

D. Relationship fundraising – can ideas about relationship building from social psychology be applied in fundraising?

E. Innovation.

F. Ethics – balancing fundraisers' duties to the donors with their duties to their beneficiaries.

What is Critical Fundraising?

Critical Fundraising is a concerted attempt to critically and constructively evaluate today's fundraising issues and deliver practical solutions.

Our critical fundraising ethos which underpins all our research, is that we explore areas of fundraising that are under-researched or ‘under-thought’.

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Rogare Associate Membership

Rogare has set itself some ambitious goals through our Critical Fundraising programme.

To help us achieve our goals, we want to work with a select set of companies who share a similar ethos and vision for how fundraising needs to change.

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