Relationship fundraising

Rogare completes a comprehensive review of theory underpinning relationship fundraising

In January 2015, Rogare began a comprehensive review of relationship fundraising.

In a project jointly funded by US donor management software company Bloomerang and American fundraising agency Pursuant, we set out to identify academic theories that fundraisers can use to further enhance the donor experience, and recommends ways in which relationship fundraising could ‘refashion’ itself.

The four-volume report, Relationship Fundraising: Where Do We Go From Here, is now available to download.

  • Volume 1
    The first volume in the project examines the evidence for relationship marketing in the commercial sector and assesses whether, and under what circumstances, this can be transferred to fundraising, or if there are times when transactional approaches are appropriate.
  • Volume 2 
    Volume 2 explores how fundraisers can utilize and adapt current and emerging theories in social psychology to build better relationships that help meet their donors’ needs.
  • Volume 3
    Leading relationship fundraising practitioners from around the world describe current trends in relationship fundraising and outline some of the key challenges they think it faces, and what the profession needs to do to meet those challenges.
  • Volume 4
    The final volume summarizes the findings from volumes 1-3 and recommends future directions that relationship fundraising could take.

We are enormously grateful for the support of Bloomerang and Pursuant for making this review possible.

Project sponsor – Bloomerang

Indianapolis-based Bloomerang is a cloud-based donor management software tool designed to help small and mid-size nonprofits reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world.
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Project sponsor – Pursuant

The Pursuant Group, based in Dallas, Texas, is a technology-driven, comprehensive fundraising consultancy serving the world's leading nonprofit organisations.
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Advisory panel for the relationship fundraising review

The project was supported by an international advisory panel of fundraisers from the USA, UK and other countries.