Business students benefit from Embercombe's Catalyst course

Plymouth Business School students were invited to apply to take part in the five-day Catalyst personal development and self-leadership course, delivered by Embercombe: a charity and social enterprise, which is a leadership and sustainability centre of inspiration located in South Devon. Through a rich weave of experiential learning – group challenges, personal reflection, mentoring, peer-to-peer coaching, open space exploration, living in a sustainable community and working on the land – students come away from Catalyst with a deep connection to themselves, the bigger picture and their own leadership potential. 

Catalyst alumni say that the key take-aways from Catalyst are a deep confidence to take themselves forward, and the tools, practices and mind-set needed to navigate uncertainty and make things happen in the world.

Congcong Liu

BA (Hons) International Finance

“Catalyst helps you understand who you are and who you want to be. It teaches you to be a leader of yourself."

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Siying He (Max)

BA (Hons) International Finance

"I have never been so close to nature and thought about the relationship between it and human beings."

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Plymouth Business School students' experiences of the Catalyst course

Students attended Catalyst – a 5-day, self-leadership and personal development course at Embercombe.

Hear what the students had to say

Joshua Thomas

BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

“The Catalyst course is an amazing opportunity to develop change making and leadership skills.”

"The Catalyst course is an amazing opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of yourself and develop change making and leadership skills whilst experiencing living sustainably. It’s a once in a lifetime experience from which each individual benefits from in different ways. 

I have learnt to be more open-minded plus know what I am capable of and to push myself in my future employability."

Chintubupalo Lamba

BSc (Hons) Business Economics

“Catalyst gives you a new perspective on yourself and what your impact could be on the world, whilst bringing you closer to nature.”
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Natasha Lacey

BSc (Hons) Economics with International Relations

“Catalyst helped me understand what I am capable of doing by exploring what makes me different from others and identifying my strengths and weaknesses.”

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Since 2015, Plymouth Business School has given 10 students the opportunity to attend the Catalyst course. 

Penny Hele, Inspiring Futures Project Officer for the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre, said:

“Students have had brilliant experiences and gained transferable skills which will enhance their future employability. In job applications and interviews, they will be able to provide examples of their self-leadership, problem solving, communication and team working skills. They have also gained greater self-awareness and more confidence.”

For more information about the Catalyst course, contact Penny Hele.