Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

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Plymouth Business School’s Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance delivers teaching across a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including Accounting and Finance, Financial Management, Business Economics, Economics and Financial Economics

The research and teaching interests of our staff members span from corporate finance, risk management and management accounting to financial markets, economic growth, environmental and regional economics. We are part of the Business School’s vibrant research community and constitute the backbone of the iSPER Research Group Markets Innovation and Competition (MIC). Staff regularly publish in top quality Journals such as the International Economic Review and the Journal of Management Studies.

Our research culture informs our modules, bridging the gap between theory and practice, ensuring our graduates are equipped with the contemporary knowledge and skills demanded by quality employers.

iSPER Research Group Markets, Innovation and Competition (MIC)

Market economies are more dominant today than ever before. Markets have generated wealth and spurred innovation, but are criticised for causing financial instability, environmental deterioration, and the decline of whole regions. This gives rise to a range of connected issues to be analysed.

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Our staff

Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite

The Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite allows students to research fields such as corporate finance, derivative markets, portfolio and risk analytics, real time data and investment simulations.

Faculty of Business students are using the Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite to gain an understanding of the stock markets

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