Intercalated degrees with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

The University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry welcomes applications from all students eligible to intercalate onto a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes*.

Why intercalate?

Students who intercalate have the opportunity to take a year out from their degree to obtain a further qualification. Through intercalation you will have the opportunity to gain a new skill, experience a different direction of study, gain research experience or broaden your career options.

*subject to entry requirements and approval by the Programme Lead.

Intercalated masters programmes

MClinEd Clinical Education

Are you interested in teaching the clinicians of the future? 

This programme will help you to develop your clinical education practice by focussing on quality improvement and enhancement of teaching practice. You will develop your knowledge and abilities as a teacher, trainer, educational scholar leader and manager.

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MSc Biomedical Science

Are you interested in expanding your biomedical knowledge, whilst developing your research skills? 

This programme is specifically designed to help you deepen your theoretical knowledge, hone your clinical skills and broaden your professional experience. You will choose from a range of modules that explore modern practice emerging techniques and the impact of new technologies on research methods. The application process for the MSc Biomedical Science has a rolling deadline. 

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MSc Global and Remote Healthcare

Are you interested in global and remote healthcare, and in expedition and exploration medicine? 

Our masters programme will empower you to confidently meet the challenges of working in complex and unpredictable situations; overseas, on expedition, in low resource settings or within your UK practice. Following comprehensive preparatory modules we provide you with the unique opportunity to undertake a placement in a global or remote environment as part of your immersive learning experience. Discover, discuss and debate with our expert faculty.

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MSc Simulation and Patient Safety

Are you interested in the further development of patient safety? 

This is an inter-professional programme designed for healthcare practitioners who aim to be leaders in patient safety and simulation training. You will graduate with enhanced knowledge in the educational theory supporting simulated based education.

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MSc Clinical Cardiac Science

Are you interested in gaining specialist clinical knowledge in cardiac pathophysiology and an additional certification in ECG?

This programme provides training within the clinical cardiology discipline integrating the depth of detail and underpinning knowledge of cardiac disorders aligned with the diagnostics used in clinical assessments and inclusion of current treatment and management options for cardiac disorders. The programme is delivered by experts in clinical cardiology and imaging within the South West with theoretical background and molecular mechanisms of disease taught by expert academics within the field. Students on this programme will be given the opportunity to complete the Society for Cardiological Science and Technology (SCST) Certificate in electrocardiography (ECG) which upon successful completion, permits professional competency in recording and interpreting ECGs. 

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MSc Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation

Are you interested in learning more about the current healthcare landscape that you are now part of? 

This programme will enhance your skills in the areas of management, leadership and innovation. You will explore the management, leadership and innovation theories pertinent to healthcare practice.

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Intercalated undergraduate courses

BSc (Hons) Health and Fitness

Are you interested in learning more about exercise fitness and health? 

Within this one year specifically designed course you will be encouraged to look at physical activity within the context of health, and develop an understanding of the interacting contributions of exercise and nutrition to public health and their roles in the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related disease.

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BSc (Hons) Human Biosciences 

Are you interested in furthering your understanding of the human biology, health and disease? 

Within this programme you will develop the confidence, skills, attributes and critical thinking within specialist topics delivered by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in partnership with healthcare professionals. Applications are accepted beyond the 15 January UCAS deadline for BSc (Hons) Human Biosciences. 

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Intercalated degrees at the University of Plymouth

There are a wide range of other intercalation opportunities available at the University of Plymouth.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for an intercalation degree please visit the ‘How to apply’ section for your degree programme of choice to access an online form.

Interested students may also contact us by email at: