International Relations and Politics Internship Programme

The International Relations and Politics Internship Programme provides students with the tools to find an internship.

We work with employability services to provide support with funds. We can help students make the most of workshop sessions run throughout the year, and give advice on how to use their own networks to find an internship, either in the UK or abroad. 

Application deadlines – 6 January 2020 and 11 May 2020.

How will I benefit from the programme?

It will give you the opportunity to:

  • attend workshops and sessions run throughout the year
  • receive funds to carry out an internship
  • develop and improve your employability skills
  • develop your professional network
  • gain an insight into your chosen career area

What can internship funding be used to support?

Monies secured through funding can be used to support the following:

  • living expenses – we will contribute towards students’ rent while on an internship.
  • travel – the amount of funding received will vary upon whether students travel within the UK, Europe or Internationally
  • insurance – as many countries do not have an NHS system in place, we will contribute towards health insurance. However, students travelling internationally must consider necessary vaccinations. Arranging and checking relevant health care is entirely the student’s own responsibility.
  • Visa – some countries require you to obtain a work/study Visa. We will contribute towards this fee although the responsibility of acquiring a Visa falls entirely upon the student.

Students who receive funding must agree to use the money for the purpose requested (as clarified within the above categories). 

All students applying for funding must sign the agreement form in the application form (downloadable above) and provide a report after the internship.

IMPORTANT: students are responsible for securing their own insurance and must comply with FCO guidelines. Please contact us if further advice is required.

How much funding is available?

The maximum each person is entitled to apply for is detailed below. This amount is for the entire internship period.

UK EU International
Total amount available £600 £800 £1000

Priority will be given to Stage 3 students. If sufficient funds are available, then applications from Stages 1 and 2 students will be considered.

What information do I need to provide?

Students will need to fill in the Internship Funding application form to provide the following details:

  • reasons for undertaking the internship
  • full details of company/organisation where the internship will take place
  • evidence that you have been accepted on the internship
  • details of academic staff to support your application
  • details of funding required, including receipts if applicable

Students are also required to produce a 500-word report, photo (if appropriate) and/or a five-minute video clip within one month from the end of the internship.

Summer internship case studies

Discover the amazing stories and benefits of undertaking a summer internship as part of your International Relations with Politics studies.

  • Emmy Noklebye's experience teaching at the Ndulu English Project in Nias
  • Daina Ramanauskaite's time supporting the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the State of Israel
  • Aaliyah Lightburn's account of working with the Embassy of Belize

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