Student activities

As well as studying hard our students engage in a range of activities, that staff support wholeheartedly. These activities include:

Student Howard League – a group which works for reform within the criminal justice system running events such as, and arranging guest speakers for students to gain a wider understanding of their studies.

Crimsoc – runs events throughout the academic year, and offers students the chance to expand their knowledge of the criminal justice system and its various agencies with volunteering opportunities, networking and careers events and guest speakers. 

Crimsoc has made a substantial impact on both the university community, winning the New Society of the Year at the UPSU Society Awards and in the community at large, through volunteer and charity work. Crimsoc undertakes work with voluntary sector agencies and has worked with the local police in promoting crime prevention within Plymouth. 

As well as getting involved in serious work, Crimsoc also strengthens student relationships with an active online community and regular social events ranging from paintballing to prison visits.

Field trips 

You will have the opportunity to undertake a range of field trips ranging from visits to the theatre to see depictions of crime and criminality, to going to criminal justice practitioners in order to see elements of ‘the job’. 

Other activities 

The South West Branch of the British Society of Criminology is organised by CCJS staff who arrange national and international guest speakers who come to talk at the University. This is an excellent opportunity for students to see and hear academics whose work they have previously read as part of their studies. 

The branch also runs a film club for students, a popular event which both students and staff attend.