Short-term study programme (study abroad)

Study a semester or year at the University of Plymouth and combine subject modules from a range of humanities and performing arts programmes with English language modules. You can combine modules from art history, history, English and creative writing as well as theatre and performance. In addition you can mix and match these with modules offered by the English Language Centre to improve your academic English. 

These modules generally have no prerequisites apart from English language skills (IELTS score of 6 required for all subjects- 6.5 for English/English and creative writing major/minor).

We can also offer a year-long immersive music programme for students who study music at home and are proficient in music skills. We also offer an immersive theatre/performing arts/dance year abroad for those who study one of these programmes at their home university.

Pre-sessional English language modules and courses are available. We can arrange your accommodation

Semester-long programme

In our semester-long programme, you can choose to study the equivalent of up to 60 UK credits (12 US credits), which normally equates to three modules. If you need further credits, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Year-long programme

In our year-long programme, you can choose to study the equivalent of up to 120 UK credits (24 US credits), which normally equates to six modules. If you need further credits, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Summer schools

The University also offers summer schools. Enjoy a mixture of academic adventures and social activities on our University summer school: the perfect way to visit Plymouth and to get your first taste of university life in the UK.

For more information or an application form to secure your place on a summer school, please email

Choosing your modules

To browse the available modules and make your selections, you will need to follow the steps below.

  • Download the application form.
  • See the module catalogues in the table below.
  • Choose your preferred modules from the Faculty module catalogue below for each semester and list them on the application form in order of preference – 3 or 4 preferred modules per semester plus 3 or 4 alternative modules, in case your top choices are full or otherwise unavailable. 
  • Check in the module catalogue whether the modules have pre-requisites. You will not be expected to have completed the precise pre-requisites, but you must have studied a similar course or have relevant study experience in your home country.
  • Get approval for your module choices from your home institution, to ensure you have approval for credit transfers.

* Please note that the study abroad module catalogues are subject to change. Acceptance onto the study abroad programme does not mean acceptance onto particular modules. We reserve the right at any time to vary the content and delivery of courses, to change the location of courses and modules, to discontinue or combine courses, or to discontinue services.


Part time (per 10 credits) Home* International**
Undergraduate (classroom based) £770 £1,083

Please note that full-time study consists of 60 credits per semester.

* 'Islands’ refers to fees for both the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. 
**Please refer to the policy for capping of international student tuition fees.

How to apply

Complete the application form and submit via email to

Please email with any questions you may have, to inquire about available modules, or to submit your application form.


We offer attractive subject module fee reduction scholarships, particularly – but not exclusively – for students from institutions who have a current exchange or other institutional agreement with the School of Humanities and Performing Arts. Please enquire for further details by emailing

ELC scholarships available

A limited number of scholarships are available for the total cost of a two week pre-sessional ELC course including accommodation (current cost £1010) to applicants on the HPA Year Abroad programme (if attending the University of Plymouth for the whole year).

For more details please contact

BA (Hons) Art History


  • ARHI502 Collecting and Exhibiting Cultures
  • ARHI611 Interdisciplinary City
  • ARHI613 Power, Patronage, and Ideology
  • ARHI616 Working with Culture: Professional Development Project
  • ARHI614 Victorian Values
  • ARHI604 Dawn of a Modern Century in Art
  • ARHI616 Working with Culture: Professional Development Project

BA (Hons) History

Prerequisites: must study history or related subject at home (history, art history, English, politics, international relations etc) especially for Level 6 options (for level 5 we will consider the application).

  • HIST607 Japanese History: from Tokugawa Japan to Hirohito
  • HIST608 Postwar Japan
  • HIST519 Tudor and Stuart Britain
  • HIST506 The European Reformations
  • HIST509 America Since 1900
  • HIST605 African-American Experience 1890-1954
  • HIST612 Empire of Law. Ruling the British Empire 1760-1960
  • HIST513 Royal Navy in the Age of Sail, 1545-1815
  • HIST505 Middle Kingdoms: Themes in Early Modern Asia (China, India, Japan, and/or Korea)
  • HIST609 The French Wars of Religion 1558 - 1598
  • HIST610 The Irish Revolution 1912-37
  • HIST616 America, the United Nations and International Relations 1945 to the present.
  • HIST520 Global Cold War
  • HIST503 American Popular Culture Since 1945
  • HIST511 History and Heritage
  • HIST515 Other Voices - Marginalisation in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST517 The Longest War: Britain, Ireland & the Troubles 1949-2006
  • HIST523 The Peculiar Institution: Enslavement in North America 1619-1865
  • HIST606 The Civil Rights Movement
  • HIST604 Piracy and Privateering, c 1560 - 1816
  • HIST603 Britain in the Sixties
  • HIST614 Culture and Society in Britain c. 1760-1901
  • HIST619 Themes in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century German History.

BA (Hons) English, BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing, BA (Hons) English with Publishing

  • ENGL516 American Novel 
  • ENGL501 Romanticism
  • ENGL508 Fourth genre: Creative nonfiction into the 21st century 
  • ENGL504 Out of the Gutter: Graphic Novels 
  • ENGL502 Gothic Fictions: Villains, Virgins, Vampires 
  • ENGL510 Shakespeare and the Early Modern Stage 
  • ENGL604 The World Turned Upside Down': Literature and Politics, 1640-1700 
  • ENGL605 Criticism and Culture: Modern Life and Literature 1880 - present 
  • ENGL606 The Short Story 
  • ENGL611 Laughing Matters: Cruelty and Comedy of Literary Satire 
  • ENGL603 Modernism.
  • ENGL607 War Writing Since 1914 
  • ENGL506 Victorian Literature and Culture
  • ENGL608 American Crime Writing
  • ENGL503 Dramatic Writing 
  • ENGL505 Rakes, Rascals and Rudeness in the Eighteenth Century 
  • ENGL511 Apocalypse and the Modern Novel 
  • ENGL512 Literature and History 
  • ENGL509 Women and Romanticism 
  • ENGL609 Contemporary Poetry 
  • ENGL610 Reading Jane Austen - then and now 
  • ENGL613 Literatures of Environmental Crisis 
  • ENGL615 Professional Writing.

BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Practice, BA (Hons) Dance, BA (Hons) Acting 

‘A la carte’ - open to everyone:

  • THPF402: Introduction to Performance
  • THPF403: Performance Praxis 1 
  • THPF503: Performance Practices 
  • THPF601: Advanced Performance Training 
  • THPF614 Performance Praxis 4: Cultural Embodiment.
  • THPF405: Theatre Ensemble
  • THPF501: Crafting Theatre
  • DATH502: Experimental Digital Dance Practice.

‘Modules with pre-requisites’ - modules which require previous training in the field:

  • DATH401 Introduction to Dance
  • DATH403 Training for Dancers 1
  • DATH503 Training for Dancers 3 
  • DATH501 Dance Theatre Practice.
  • DATH402 Ensemble Choreography
  • DATH404 Training for Dancers 2
  • DATH504 Training for Dancers 4
  • DATH611 Advanced Dance Training.

Fully immersive modules - will require students to only take THPF or DATH modules for the whole year/semester and require previous experience in the field:

  • THPF401 Improvisation and Creativity
  • THPF402 Introduction to Performance
  • THPF403 Performance Praxis 1
  • THPF503: Performance Practices
  • THPF504: Performance Praxis 3
  • THPF 505 Performance Training 
  • DATH401 Dance Making and Knowing
  • DATH403 Training for Dancers 1
  • DATH501 Dance Theatre Practice
  • DATH503 Training for Dancers 3.
  • THPF404 Performance Praxis 2
  • THPF405 Theatre Ensemble
  • THPF406 Plymouth Plus: Performance Lab
  • THPF501 Crafting Theatre
  • THPF502 Performance Lab 2
  • DATH402 Ensemble Choreography
  • DATH404 Training for Dancers 2
  • DATH502 Experimental Digital Dance Practice
  • DATH504 Training for Dancers 4.

BA (Hons) Music

Students have to come for the full year and must only take music modules. Must do a music course at home institution and/or be proficient in music skills.


  • MUS508 Psychology of Music
  • MUS506 Music Aesthetics and Analysis
  • MUS502 Twentieth Century Music.
Spring pick three:
  • MUS507 Music Technology 
  • MUS501 Performance (incorporate 1:1 instrument tuition)
  • MUS503 Composition 
  • MUS509 Independent Study for Musicians.

English Language Centre

ELC modules: (min IELTS 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each element)

  • Level 4: ELC102 English for Academic Purposes (spring)
  • Level 5: ELC202 English for Academic Purposes (spring)
  • Level 6: ELC315 Professional and Academic Communication (autumn), ELC312 English for Global Communication (spring) and ELC314 International Business Communication (spring).

Summer schools for international students

Enjoy a mixture of academic adventures and social activities on our University summer school: the perfect way to visit Plymouth and to get your first taste of university life in the UK.

Improve your conversational English, make new friends from around the world, and enjoy our beautiful waterside city with trips and activities to show you the very best of Plymouth and the UK.

From history to robotics and business to creative writing there's plenty to choose from.

Find out more about our summer schools