School of Humanities and Performing Arts work experience week

Unfortunately, the School of Humanities and Performing Arts work experience week due to take place from 29 June to 3 July 2020 has been cancelled. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

The School of Humanities and Performing Arts is opening its doors to students who want to gain work experience in English, History, Music, and Performing Arts. You will find information about all the school’s placements below. Please check this webpage regularly for updates as the status of placements may change.


How do we tell the stories of the past to people today? Every historian needs to be able to engage with the public to share our research and findings. Our history schools work experience week at the University of Plymouth will allow you to gain the skills and knowledge to develop exciting new research projects and to share them with a wide audience. You will spend the week working with two world-leading experts in the field of public history and heritage – Professor James Daybell and Professor Daniel Maudlin – to learn how historians present the past to different audiences. James and Dan will work with you to examine some of the key debates and controversies in history.

You will learn practical skills such as:

1. Research skills – how do historians research the past?

2. Podcasting and video – how to write and record a successful podcast/film.

3. Historians and the internet – using social media and blogs to write history.

4. The pitch – pitching a new history TV show.

5. The museum – putting together a National Lottery Fund bid for a new museum.

6. Taking sides – debating the heritage debate surrounding the proposed tunnel under Stonehenge.

Who will lead the week:

  • Professor James Daybell is Professor of Early Modern History and Associate Dean for Research at the University of Plymouth. James has written numerous books on Tudor history. Together with Dr Sam Willis, James developed and runs an exciting history podcast, book, website and stage show the Histories of the Unexpected.

  • Professor Daniel Maudlin is Professor of History and Director of Cornerstone Heritage in the University of Plymouth. Dan has written numerous books on the history of buildings and inns. Through Cornerstone Dan leads the University of Plymouth in developing links with local and national heritage organisation and museums

We have limited spaces! To book, please contact Elaine Murphy.

A week in the life of an English student

Language shapes everything. It documents our most significant achievements and immerses us in imaginary worlds. It can be used to persuade, argue, and articulate values to influence the future. During this immersive week, you will work with English and creative writing professionals to sharpen your use and understanding of English. You will gain insights into how your love of literature and language can unlock your career ambitions. At the end of the week, you will use your newly acquired skills to make a video that presents the work you developed throughout the week.

You will learn skills such as:

1. How to study literature and narrative in a university library that contains approximately 350,000 books, 500,000 eBooks, and 80,000 current journal titles.

2. How to present arguments clearly and convincingly.

3. How to communicate intelligently and elegantly in verbal and written forms.

4. How to present your work to others through documentary-style film making.

We have limited spaces! To book, contact Rachel Christofides, our English admissions tutor.

Audio engineering

Want to gain experience of working in a recording studio or behind the mixing desk at a music concert? This week will provide you with the opportunity to engage in a range of professional audio experiences. Activities may include musical instrument recording, sampling, mixing, mastering, music production, and equipment repair and maintenance. At the end of the week, you will make an instructional video on one of the exciting things you have experienced. This video will be uploaded to help other budding audio engineers hone their music technology skills.

Who will lead the week:

  • Dr Edward Braund is a Lecturer in Computing, Audio, and Music Technology. Ed has a background in professional live sound and studio engineering and has worked with several well-known popular music and rock artists.
We have limited spaces! To book, please contact Edward Braund.

Working in professional theatre and the performing arts

Plymouth Conservatoire students in rehearsal with Dr John Matthews, Programme Leader BA (Hons) Acting

Plymouth Conservatoire students in rehearsal with Dr John Matthews, Programme Leader BA (Hons) Acting

Join us at Plymouth Conservatoire for our schools work experience week and participate in a series of practical workshops in actor training, devising theatre, theatre direction, choreography, theatre lighting design and video editing skills. As well as having the opportunity to train and perform on House Stage, our world class theatre venue, you will also be involved in making a mini documentary film about these different training and performance experiences, and talk on camera about what you found inspiring to learn about and exciting to do!

Who will lead the week:

  • Ryan Wilce – Plymouth Conservatoire Placement Office and independent Theatre Maker – will share his knowledge and experience of developing a career in the performing arts and tell you about the range of skills you can apply to working in the creative industries.

We have limited spaces! To book, please contact Ruth Way.

Image: Plymouth Conservatoire students in rehearsal with Dr John Matthews, Programme Leader BA (Hons) Acting