Opportunities for Schools with Japan400 Plymouth
Allow the spirit of curiosity that led John Saris, Captain of The Clove, to sail to Japan to inspire you and your classroom.

All teachers and students across the South West are invited to join Japan400 Plymouth

Japan400 Plymouth's events and activities are:

  • Free
    There is no fee to take part in any of the events or activities.
  • Curriculum relevant
    The activities are shaped to meet Curricular Activity targets, involve community participation and provide a rich source of ideas and resources for developing a creative curriculum.
  • High profile
    Japan400 Plymouth is a high-profile media event, with a special focus on engagement with teachers and students across the South West

What does it involve?

  • Engage with Japan400 Plymouth in your own classroom with a selection of educational activities developed by the Plymouth Institute of Education.
  • Attend workshops and demonstrations of Japanese art and culture suitable for both adults as well as children of all ages
  • Invite Japan400 Plymouth into your school with one of our 'visiting workshops' headed up by Plymouth University experts

How do I register?

Please contact schoolexperience@plymouth.ac.uk for a registration form, or any other queries you have about Japan400 Plymouth's exciting portfolio of curriculum enrichment activities.

Activities in the classroom

Young artists and writers competition

The Bramley Legacy in Pictures and Poetry
All young people aged 5 to 18 are invited to submit a poem or illustration about the 'Bramley Apple Story'.

  • Submissions will be judged by Mrs Celia Steven, whose ancestors developed the first Bramley apples.
  • A range of exciting prizes are to be announced in November 2014.
  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday 3 February 2015, to coincide with Setsubun, when it is said that the demons are chased away and spring commences.
  • The best poems and illustrations will be featured on the Japan400 Plymouth website.

Closing date for submission is Friday 19 December 2014.

Download the Bramley Legacy in Pictures and Poetry Information Pack

'Senbazuru' (1000 folded cranes)

South West Students' Project

Each student is invited to create an origami crane and send it to us.

The crane is a symbol of good luck in Japan, and when hundreds and thousands of paper cranes are folded and threaded together – the senbazuru – they symbolise the hopes of all the people that contributed to it, and the community coming together.

Download the Senbazuru Information Pack

Afterwards each participating School will receive:

  • an A4 sized picture of the completed crane sculpture and Japan400 Plymouth Certificate of Participation,
  • acknowledgement on the Japan400 Plymouth website,
  • listed mention in any press releases relating to the senbazuru.

Download our cross-curricular information pack: John Saris’ Story of Adventure

Workshops and demonstrations

Manga! Anime! Illustration! - Plymouth Guildhall
Sunday 28 September 10.00-16.00
Free admission. No booking required.
Illustration Workshops and Activities

Manga comics are highly regarded as one of Japan’s most important exports, so much so that in 2005, the Gaimushō (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) made it into a key plank of international foreign policy: Manga gaikō (diplomacy through manga comics).

Join illustration professionals from Plymouth University and Japan (TBC) to explore the wonderful world of illustration through workshops and activities:
  • My Personal Kaiju Monsters (appropriate for age 5 years+)
  • Manga-inspired workshop (appropriate for age 14 years+)
  • Embassy of Japan Manga Jiman UK national comic book Exhibition – 2013 winners
…and much more!

Detailed information will be sent to you to share with your students after you indicate your interest on the registration form.

Global Japan Culture Showcase - Plymouth Guildhall
Sunday 28 September 10.00-16.00
Free admission. No booking required.

Celebrate both traditional and modern Japanese culture through a showcase of performances and displays, and experience for yourself with interactive workshops. Do a bit of shopping, learn to write your name in Japanese, see calligraphy in action, learn about opportunities to study Japanese and improve your study skills, encounter modern pop culture and get a glimpse of traditional geisha fashion. There'll be something for everybody and every age from martial arts to food and hand-dyed fabrics, as well as:

  • taiko drumming
  • shakuhachi (bamboo flute)
  • Martial Arts - aikido, iaido, karate, kendo
  • shodo – calligraphy
  • chadō (the ‘way of tea’, tea ceremony)
  • kitsuke (the intricate skill of dressing in traditional kimono and tying obi belts) and fashion show
  • origami paper folding
  • Bengala fabric dying
  • manga and illustration

Visiting workshops

Video Games
The Educational Value of Video Games: Professor Andy Phippen discusses video games with children, including activities that raise transnational cultural awareness and develop analytical skills through the ubiquitous video game.

Taiko Journey
Working with Plymouth University, take the opportunity for a hands-on taiko drumming workshop in your school, suitable for students of all ages.

Inspired by you
If you have an idea of a workshop you’d like to enquire about, let us know.

For more information on visiting workshops, please contact Dr Jonathan Mackintosh.

Join the annual teacher conference

Primary Partnership Conference - Plymouth University
Monday 29 September, 9.30-16.00

CANCELLED - Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances this event has now been cancelled.